IoT & Advanced Analytics Innovation Workshop

Monday, 16 October 2017 | PwC Zurich

Experience the possibilities of IoT & Analytics

Details of the event

By now you’re probably aware that the internet of things (IoT) and advanced analytics are set to change the way the world works and does business. But you still might be wondering what they have to do with your organisation. Our innovation workshop for business and IT decision makers will help you find out. By the end of the day you’ll have a much better understanding of the issues and possibilities, and having had some hands-on fun with the technology you’ll feel more at ease with IoT and analytics.

Microsoft and PwC join forces to guide you through the potential of the technology and Microsoft’s Azure IoT reference architecture. We’ll be taking a look at your level of analytics maturity and examining some real-world use cases to get an idea of what’s possible. Then comes the really exciting part: you’ll get to use a standalone/mobile computer/device, sensors and a robot to design and build your own, cloud-based IoT and analytics solution. It’s not just a fun way of getting hardware feeling for solutions, but will give you a new, practical perspective on how IoT fits into your business.

Interested? We’d be delighted to see you at PwC’s office in Zurich on 16 October 2017 for a classroom workshop. The programme proceeds with follow-up, bilateral workshops to deep-dive into each organizations use cases. The follow-ups will be scheduled individually after the event. Sign up now, and feel free to contact us if you need any more information.







Monday, 16 October 2017
8.30 am – 17.00 pm, followed by an apéro






Download the detailed programme by clicking on the link.




CHF 500.00 (incl 8% VAT) per organization for 3 participants

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Dr. Christian Spindler

IoT & Robotics Leader, Zurich

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Dr. Jörg Gerigk

AI Leader, Zurich

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