Private Wealth Forum - Get ahead in CEE/CIS

Thursday, 24.08.2017 Au Premier, Zurich

We are happy to invite you to our next breakfast performance titled "Cirque de l'Impôt". You will enjoy a stunning experience from CIS law-makers on the arena.

Details of the event

The great opening will take place in Russia. During the first act, strength athletes from OECD will unite with the Russian tax authorities in muscling BEPS MLI implementation. Will tax treaties survive the push? Afterwards, the Russian snake charmers will try to arouse foreign investors from sleep by securing investment protection in courts. Political acrobats will stand speechless as trapeze legislators reach new compliance heights with the recent amendments to PEP law. As the main attraction of our Russian tour come the magicians from the Federal Tax Services. They will conjure a heavy Tax Code rabbit out of a hat and get inspired for new tricks of seemingly impossible feats around unjustified tax benefits. 

The next destination is Ukraine. Now the OECD Hercules will confront the Ukrainian power lifters: how can Ukraine meet their minimal requirements? Next, our circus goes digital into the novel Ukrainian Currency Control legislation: what is the new e-licence about and how can it be used? You will then end up with Ukrainian jugglers throwing a few onshore structures into the list of tax avoidance suspects.

The final show will be held in Kazakhstan. We will start with a breathtaking tightrope performance: will Kazakhstan pass the new OECD peer review or fall into non-compliance? The CFC fire breathers will conclude our circus program: they will inflame existing private and business structures by explosive CFC amendments.

During the interludes, we are planning a fun quiz, which you cannot miss. 

We look forward to your interactive participation, critique and discussions.






Thursday, 24 August 2017
8.00 – 10.00 am, including breakfast
Au Premier, Bahnhofplatz 15, 8001 Zurich

Upcoming Dates:

Thursday, 26.10.2017
Thursday, 14.12.2017


Download the detailed programme by clicking on the link.




CHF 108.00 (incl 8% VAT) per participant per event

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