Capital Markets Transactions

Mastering IPOs, debt offerings, carve-outs & spin offs and mergers & acquisitions

Successfully completing an initial public offering and/or raising debt (especially on multiple markets) requires effective planning and outstanding execution. A capital market transaction paired with a carve-out or spin-off or merger or acquisition adds further complexity and puts additional strain on your organisation.
Capital market transactions require many different parts of the business to efficiently work together. There will be multiple workstreams, from strategically deciding on a market, drafting an offering memorandum, preparing audited financial statements, and addressing possible regulator comments and governance needs to preparing a successful roadshow. During that time management can't allow itself to be distracted from operational execution, which is key to success.

Count on us:

  • Preparing for life after an IPO is just as important as careful execution of the IPO itself. The organisation needs to effectively operate as public company with new timelines, business cycles and transparency in meeting shareholder expectations, and continue to scale its operations.
  • Any debt or equity raising demands significant executive attention and resources. Companies have to navigate complex reporting requirements and maximise interactions with bankers, lawyers, auditors, boards, rating agencies and other advisors.
  • Critical to any carve out or spin-off are deep technical knowledge and analytical skills around not just the tactical extraction and separation process, but also around the various regulatory and accounting requirements to be addressed in executing the transaction
  • Depending on the significance of an acquisition the buyer may need to provide historical financials for the target and pro-forma financial statements reflecting the acquisition within a specific timeframe. A company that applies a different basis of accounting (IFRS, US GAAP or Swiss GAAP) requires conversion to ensure the accounting principles conform to the buyer.

Your benefits:

As an independent advisor with a wealth of technical insight and extensive experience in capital market projects, PwC can help you plan your transaction farsightedly and execute it efficiently. We can help you reduce time to market and avoid nasty surprises before and after the deal, allowing you to continuously focus on other crucial business decisions enhancing market confidence in your company's management and brand equity.

PwC's specialists will help you prepare for your capital market transaction. For a planned IPO they will perform a thorough IPO readiness check to identify key gaps and issues. They will develop an action plan for going public including complex registration and accounting and reporting issues (including equity compensation for employees), and a plan for being public, including the development of controls, risk management and investor relations. We will help you to understand the risks and interdependencies and design an issue resolution and structured change management process for your organisation.