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IT projects require good risk management

Major IT projects, such as the implementation of a core banking process or an ERP system, bring great risks. For instance, they often require very high levels of investment without always clarifying what benefits the project will provide long term.

To prevent possible project failure, you need to recognise IT risks early. Our project-related risk assessment will enable you to address any problems that may arise. We have experts in the fields of IT security and risk management with many years of experience in transformations and other large-scale projects in various industry sectors. We can monitor your project, assess the benefits and look for any possible hidden risks. In effect, we can assist throughout every phase of the project.


Our IT risk assurance

  • Independent project monitoring
    We can monitor your major projects, gauge their success, and thus protect your business from unnecessary costs.

  • Realisation of benefits
    We can collaborate with you to assess the benefits of your project. In addition, we will also conduct an independent assessment to identify the best project implementation methods.

  • Stakeholder management
    Stakeholders are often confused about cost-intensive, large-scale projects. We can clarify their expectations for you, and mediate between you and all other stakeholders.

  • Project governance
    For large projects, you must comply with all laws and regulations while meeting the expectations of project sponsors. We can work with you to create appropriate structures which will allow you to make the correct decisions, efficiently and transparently.

  • Project risk management
    We will assess all significant risks that could jeopardise the project's success.

  • Project reporting
    When realising a major project, it is particularly important to be constantly aware of the current status of implementation. We can offer continuous feedback on progress, and thus keep other project managers, clients and stakeholders fully informed.

  • Project coaching
    Good project coaching helps to ensure that employees from different project areas and hierarchies are working effectively. We can support you.
Marc Lahmann
Leader Transformation Assurance , Zurich
Tel: 41 58 792 27 99


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