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    Cybersecurity – proactively combatting cyber attacks and risks

    The technology revolution has shifted traditional boundaries. Businesses now operate in an increasingly interconnected digital ecosystem. While offering opportunities for innovation and productivity, the Cyber era also presents new risks and challenges.

    An agile and commercially pragmatic approach is essential for the growth and innovation required to thrive in the new world. PwC's approach covers the five stages of the Cyber Lifecycle to provide an end-to-end service to our clients. It's our vision to protect businesses, people and society from Cyber risks. We've made this our core business. Is it yours?

    The Cyber Lifecycle

    The Cyber Lifecycle illustrates PwC's approach to cyber security. Click an area to learn more about how we can help you.

    Our Cybersecurity Services

    • Strategy, Governance & Management
      Security Strategy and Consulting, Security Integration & Management Services, Service Improvement, Service Acceptance, Service Transition Management, Vendor Management

    • Security, Architecture & Services
      Architecture and Design, Architecture Certification, Capability development, Architecture Governance, Roles and Responsibilities, Secure network design including zoning, perimeter and gateways

    • Threat, Intelligence & Vulnerability Management
      Threat Intelligence & Cyber Analytics, Research, Security Testing, Remediation, Build and Configuration Reviews, Security Advisory, Asset Inventory Planning, Secure Code Reviews, Malware Analysis, SAP security assessment, Security Operations Centre transformation, Monitoring and Reporting

    • Emerging Technologies & Trends
      Social Media, Mobile, Big Data, Cloud, 3D printing, Internet of Things

    • Identity & Access Management
      IAM Strategy and Consulting, Access Control Remediation, Application On-boarding, Systems Integration, Project management, advice and assurance

    • Risk & Compliance Management
      Technology Risk & Controls Frameworks and Processes, Technology and Security Risk Assessments (including Third Party Assessments), Controls Design, Implementation and Testing, Regulation, Governance, Compliance and Privacy, Information Records Management

    • Incident and Crisis Management
      Computer Forensics and Investigations, Breach Indicator Assessment, Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), Incident Management, Planning and Response, Crisis Management, Planning and Response, Electronic Discovery, Litigation and Dispute Readiness, Business Resilience,
      IT Service Continuity

    • Data Protection
      Identify and protect customer, client & patient data based on sensitivity, Protect against data loss in communications and applications, including cloud solutions, Comply with privacy principles, Understand and comply with breach disclosure responsibilities and cross-border restrictions

    Reto Häni
    Partner and Leader Cybersecurity, Bern
    Tel.: +41 58 792 75 12


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