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From Artificial Intelligence to Augmented Reality, Blockchain to Drones, Robots to the Internet of Things, and 3D Printing to Virtual Reality, we’re on top of the megatrends. New technologies are emerging all the time, and we’re helping our clients to explore how they can harness and use them to their organisations’ advantage.

As we support transformation and innovation in our own and our clients' businesses, our need for digital, technology and science backgrounds increases along with the need for people with diverse - and often unexpected - business, industry and life experience backgrounds.

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What we do

We assist our clients in multiple aspects of cybersecurity and digitalisation topics. Our Cybersecurity team is divided into 4 focus teams:

1.     Strategy and Transformation

Digitalisation is an inevitable process and has to be done according to a strategically developed plan. We advise our clients with our in-depth understanding of the process to assure the smooth journey to digitalisation, which englobes multiple aspects like moving data into the cloud. This requires thoughtful and strategic planning as well as data classification.

2.     Identity and Access Management

We support our clients in handling the way users access systems and data, and in managing the digital identities of their suppliers, customers, employees and partners. Business transformation goes way beyond purely technical issues. Therefore, in this type of projects we mostly have teams composed of people with backgrounds and skills in IT, business, financial and analytical skills.

3.     Advanced Cyber Defence

We deploy intelligence-led security assessments to set up customer-tailored security systems. Through penetration tests we identify the areas of vulnerability and the actors that are a threat to our clients. In case of a suspicion of attack we will use advanced methodologies and technologies to identify what part of the network has been compromised, how severe the situation is, how the attackers got in, and whether any data has been stolen.

4.     Data Protection and Regulatory Compliance

Data storage and processing are strongly regulated. For many of our clients it is highly challenging to stay compliant with constantly changing laws and regulations. Our team provides the tailored solution covering all the relevant aspects of data protection and regulatory compliance like EU GDPR, FINMA, data classification and crown jewel.

What you will do

As a new joiner you will support many projects simultaneously in different industries (e.g. banking, industry, government, etc.) and learn while performing a variety of tasks. On a project, you will be interacting directly with our clients, supporting in workshops, assisting in analysing processes, gathering information and preparing reports for our clients.

In the office, you will support your colleagues in multiple tasks, such as developing client presentations and proposals. You will work together on their focus topics, documents and projects, which include gathering information from many sources, coming up with creative solutions and building your own network. You will receive the necessary training and guidance to proceed to the next level with a steep learning curve. Your assigned coach supports your personal development and together you will work on your professional growth within PwC.

GDPR essentials and how PwC can help

GDPR essentials and how PwC can help

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force on 24 May 2016. This creates a new regulatory framework unifying data protection laws across the 28 European Union (EU) member states and replaces the prior EU Data Protection Directive. The GDPR imposes a radical data protection and privacy regulatory framework on Europe and the wider world for the processing of personal data of EU citizens. Although there is a transposition period of 2 years for countries and companies to get ready, there are many new and significantly enhanced requirements that organisations should take action on before the May 2018 deadline.

Building the trust to succeed in digital business

Building the trust to succeed in digital business

Harnessing the advantages of digital technologies presents a whole set of new challenges. It’s not enough to implement a good idea or develop a new product: securing the business environment and staying compliant with new security and privacy regulations and best practices are crucial for business success. Our Cybersecurity practice has teams of highly experienced people who can deliver sustainable, future-proof solutions that will help you succeed.

Data & Analytics

What we do

Data has value when it becomes actionable information. Our Data and Analytics team understands this reality. We improve the value of this strategic resource.

We do this by helping organisations – including our own – to accelerate their data analytics innovation. We also help organisations solve business problems with apps and solutions which we develop. And, we help organisations create and implement the right strategy for their data analytics goals.

We are a diverse team of experts in the areas of machine learning, artificial intelligence, optimisation, simulation, modelling, actuarial services and programming. We work closely with Data Analytics specialist teams all over the globe and our business consulting specialists to enable and create innovation for our clients. The industries we work in are as diverse as the PwC portfolio – from financial services, over pharma and life sciences to industrial products. In addition we contribute strongly to the firm’s digitalisation and the development of the services PwC offers in Audit, Tax and Consulting.

What you will do

You’ll be working on projects in areas such as predictive analytics, machine learning or strategic modelling. You prepare data for statistic modelling and support clients with specific analysis. You are part of an international team which you work closely with. Together we continuously improve our processes and technical tools and are an active part of expanding PwC’s data analytics services. Feedback and coaching are a big part of how we work and foster your personal development – be it upwards, into a new industry or learning new skills.


Data analytics: the new win-win-win

Data analytics: the new win-win-win

The power used to lie with those who possessed information. But these days the winners are those that recognise and exploit the value of this information. Businesses in the sharing economy have internalised this principle and geared their business models to innovative forms of data analysis and processing. Not only have they achieved obvious success this way, but they’re posing a growing threat to the business establishment, forcing it to question its business models and rethink the way it approaches data and data protection.

PwC Experience Center

What we do

Our Digital Services team helps clients with all aspects of their digital transformation by combining multi-disciplinary capabilities in strategy, transformation, experience and design.

At the PwC Experience Center, we provide services from strategy to execution and develop digital business models, products and services for national and international clients. We’re a community of makers, connecting ideal human experience to the business transformation that makes it real. To do so, we are a team of co-creators, working in scrum teams, each person contributing in a different role.

What you will do

Scrum master

While the development team has the expertise and the product owner brings value to the product, the scrum master ensures the process is in place for the team to perform efficiently. You remove impediments for the team so it can do its job fast quickly and delivers value. You are a facilitator, the one who helps everyone change interactions with the team to maximise the value of the product. You are the catalyst and, in a way, the psychologist of the team.

Every day is different! You will walk into the office and people will immediately start pulling at you to discuss different matters that could affect your team's performance. A lot of your day you will spend with coaching and supporting your team.

Product Owner

You are at your best in an agile work environment with a lot of decision making responsibility? Then you might be a born product owner. During the whole duration of the project you work very closely with the developer and the scrum master - and ultimately are the project responsible. You ensure that the client’s needs and requirement are understood correctly and communicate them to the developer team. You create user stories, which are constantly further developed, are a part of the spring planning, review and retro. It is vital that you inspire the whole project team for your vision and therewith ensure all project goals are met.


As a developer you are part of a cross functional team of motivated people. We divide our developers into the specialisations of backend and frontend. As a backend developer you work close to the hardware and continuously improve and optimise the technology stack. The design and engineering of the software architecture, and its implementation are a key part of your everyday work. In order to provide a coherent service for the customers it's your responsibility to consistently orchestrate a landscape of various software components and external services. As a frontend developer you combine the backend with a first class user experience mostly with the technology stack HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You are in charge of logic and styling in combination with animations. It is also your part to make sure that the users will have a smooth experience on desktop and mobile devices.

In pursuance of client satisfaction, both specialisations ensure a seamlessly automated testing and deployment pipeline to deliver high quality software on time. Together with the rest of the team you are part of early project meetings to evaluate feasibility, technology and manage customer expectations. 

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