With net fee revenues of 392 million CHF, our assurance line of service exhibits moderate growth (gross: 434 million CHF). This corresponds to an increase of 2% compared to the previous year, allowing us to hold our leading position as Switzerland’s biggest audit firm. Risk Assurance services are becoming increasingly important and are key factors of our success. 

“Business as usual” was yesterday. The reporting year 2018/19 presented many challenges. The order volume of some of our most important clients was lower than expected. However, we also enjoyed some success – for example by obtaining mandates from Credit Suisse, Swisscom and VP Bank. Fierce competition in bidding has shown that it is not only essential to know the needs of our clients and the challenges of their respective sectors, but also to invest in technological development.

Risk Assurance services – a success factor

Our strategic priorities in assurance will remain the same in the coming reporting year. It is our goal to expand our leading position and win further audit biddings. Furthermore, we see different development opportunities and expect the Risk Assurance services to grow again. Refining our digital competence is on our strategic agenda for the coming year too.

However, our special focus lies on new technologies. They are providing our financial teams with new support tools for our clients and are leading to a paradigm shift in our self-perception as an auditing firm: instead of just being managers of numbers we are becoming performance drivers. It is this digital potential that we want to fully exploit.

PwC contributed significantly to developing the visual data analysis of Swissport. The team came up with important insights that improved our processes and our risk monitoring. At the same time, PwC also supported our internal auditing extraordinarily well.

Nelsy PerezHead IA, Swissport

Volunteering with double effect

On the suggestion of auditing partners, cooperation with the platform Alaya has been established. Alaya is a fully digital solution for qualified volunteering and donations founded by social entrepreneurs. As a successful firm, we want our employees to put their skills to good use – not only within our own walls, but also for society. For this reason, we invite our colleagues to shape the world by participating in Alaya.

In the reporting year, our social commitment also included 1,700 pro-bono-hours for charitable and non-profit purposes. By providing our auditing and advisory services for free or at a reduced fee, we enable non-profit-organisations to use their limited means sensibly and to focus on their core mission. 

It is our responsibility to protect the environment. Thanks to the partnership with Alaya, my team and I were able to contribute to the protection of the ecosystem of our precious Lake Geneva and to give our community something useful.

Jérôme MingardDirector, Other Assurance Services, PwC Switzerland

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