Our activities in the healthcare sector have developed to our satisfaction, and our Pharma and Life Sciences industry unit as well as the hospitals, clinics and other healthcare sector institutions are growing. Net fee revenues in this field of activity increased by 4.8% to more than 100 million CHF. Our employees are committed to a sustainable healthcare system – not only for career reasons, but as a personal ambition.

The healthcare sector faces vital challenges. It is developing at a rapid pace, especially in the fields of personalised medicine, use of digital technologies or increased centralisation of patients. There is high cost pressure and the necessity to act efficiently. The sector is kept moving by ever stricter regulations, new market situations due to newcomers, mergers, adaptation of business models or continuous consolidation.

Intensification of experience and know-how

In such a context, pressure for change is very high. We help our clients to position themselves optimally. For this reason, we invested in competence and reinforcement of our expert teams during the past year. Furthermore, we are intensifying our international cooperation in order to assist our clients with a worldwide network of know-how. And finally, we support them in transforming their business models with integrated services and holistic approaches.

PwC supported us in developing and implementing a new programme for our business model. This allowed us not only to transform our entire business, but also to further concentrate on the patient, and to create real added value.

Boris WeberProgram Lead, Roche Diabetes Care (2018)

For a healthy future

When it comes to health, trust is the most important parameter. For this reason, the pharmaceutical group Roche has tasked us to verify the sustainability information in their annual reporting and to review the disclosures relating to data protection requirements. We therefore make reporting recommendations that go beyond our usual auditing mandate, we give critical advice on quality and consistency of disclosure, and we support Roche in establishing a consistent understanding in terms of sustainability within the group. Such statement of assurance strengthens the credibility of the published sustainability information. The facts speak for themselves: Roche has held a leading position in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for many years.

For me, Roche is a prime example of a company that has gradually internalised the increasing requirements for sustainable business. Sustainability is much more than just a hype. It is of strategic importance and a decisive factor to attract talent, sharpen awareness of values, manage risks – and to remain successful.

Stefan HirschiDirector, Team Leader Sustainability, PwC Switzerland

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