Our understanding of corporate responsibility is a long-term commitment to employees, business partners, the environment and society. This creates a basis for reciprocity, respect and trust.

Ten years ago, PwC Switzerland joined with the Swiss Climate Foundation and ten major service providers to promote greater sustainability in Switzerland. With the slogan “Protecting the environment. Strengthening SME.” we are together making a clear statement in an effort to combat climate change and strengthen Switzerland and Liechtenstein as business locations. The funds granted to the project originate from the redistribution of the Confederation’s CO2 levy. They are put towards far-reaching climate protection projects by Swiss SMEs.

Fostering a healthy environment

The global warming predicted for the future will fundamentally and possibly irreversibly change the environment. This must not be allowed to happen. We too are therefore reducing our CO2 emissions. They should be reserved for areas that are essential to our business. Our aim is to balance out emissions from business flights during the 2018/19 financial year and our other energy consumption by the financial year 2021/22. What is more, we intend to use 100% renewable energies for our electricity consumption. We are also contributing actively to the fight against climate change in other ways: through political involvement and lobbying, and by providing active support for our clients. 

Maintaining dialogue in digital form

The start-up Alaya SA has created a digital platform with the same name, where socially-conscious companies, employees and non-profit organisations can together do something to help society – in line with their respective abilities. At PwC Switzerland we offer our clients an internal login. This is our way of creating positive momentum for volunteer work around the globe, and of stressing the importance of cooperation before profits.

Encouraging the geniuses of the future

The SJF foundation (“Schweizer Jugend forscht”) supports talented young people, thereby promoting key factors for driving innovation such as curiosity, creativity and problem-solving. Awards are won by around 100 young talents during a national competition each year. At PwC Switzerland we sponsor a special prize – in the reporting year this took the form of participation in a PwC breakout session at the Swiss Economic Forum. We also carried out a study week in association with the SJF in September 2018. Participants spent six days at the PwC Experience Center under the guidance of our experts. They addressed topics related to new technologies and designed customer-oriented solutions.

Recruiting talent for the future – particularly women

Talented people should be able to put their skills to use at PwC. We have therefore set up talent pools in all our service lines. This enables us to motivate gifted employees, even before they have reached the highest rungs of the career ladder. The success of our internal talent factory is based on factors including the commitment of the CEO and the top management levels. The result is one to be proud of: the proportion of female talents has risen by 25%, and there is a much higher percentage of top talents among managers, senior managers and directors. 

Nurturing diversity

“Empowering actions competition” is the name of our internal platform for ideas and measures to design the future of PwC in association with our employees. We are implementing our inclusion and diversity strategy by means of gradual, far-reaching or disruptive activities. They all have one thing in common: to implement flexibility and to set a good example.

Acting side by side

Equality is not just a matter for women, but is a human rights issue that concerns everyone, including men. We campaigned for the concerns of the UN movement HeForShe both on Equal Pay Day on 24 February 2018 and on International Women’s Day on 8 March 2018. More than a third of employees at PwC are now ambassadors for HeForShe

Adopting a clear position

Diversity and inclusion are part of our everyday culture at PwC Switzerland. Yet in many places around the globe, being different can have serious consequences. Homosexuality is punishable by law in 73 countries, for example, and is even subject to the death penalty in eleven of these. Together with GLEE (Gay, Lesbian and Everybody Else), we are campaigning for a world that welcomes diversity and integration, for example on 17 May 2018, the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHO), and at the Zurich Pride Festival in June 2018.