Our approach

The key is trust

Rather than trying to control people, we believe in winning their trust and appealing to their common sense. Reasonable, intelligent people understand that adopting responsible behaviour with a sustainable impact makes sense for everyone. So true corporate responsibility is about creating a climate where people trust each other, and are mindful of the consequences of their actions and the way they affect our environment and wellbeing as individuals and a society.

Nurturing what we value most

Our motto is ‘grow your own way’. Whether they’re new joiners or established staff, we encourage our people to explore and develop their own strengths and aptitudes – and give them the space and support to do so. It’s is the way we want to work as a corporation, as managers and as employees: focusing on our purpose and values both as individuals and a corporation, and aiming to do our best in every task we do to build and reaffirm an environment of trust and mutual responsibility.

We encourage responsible ways of thinking and sharpen awareness of the fact that the actions of every individual and of PwC as a whole will influence the world around us.

Matthias Jeger Leader Quality & Regulatory Affairs, PwC Switzerland
Matthias Jeger

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Jasmin Khalifa

Jasmin Khalifa

Head of Corporate Responsibility, PwC Switzerland

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