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PwC's Assurance Academy is an innovative development programme for graduates and young professionals. As an Assurance Academy member, you will gain excellent experience of the various units and career paths available in core audit and/or IT audit and gain experience across a broad range of clients in core finance-, systems- and process-related audits. This gives you the opportunity to support a wide range of clients and thus shape the network for your career.

The aim of PwC's Assurance Academy is to deepen your knowledge and expand your network. This allows you to gain your own experience before deciding on a focus such as asset management, banking, insurance or IT auditing.

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PwC's Assurance Academy FAQ

What is PwC's Assurance Academy?

PwC's Assurance Academy is almost 500 PwC employees - including 24 different nationalities - at 15 locations across Switzerland. Most are in their mid-to-late twenties, with one to four years' work experience.

How is PwC's Assurance Academy different to a traditional development programme?

Graduates who join PwC's Assurance Academy define three areas they want to explore as part of their assurance career. Once promoted to senior level, an individual will then focus on one or two areas.

What does this mean on an everyday basis?

You spend a minimum of 50% of your working time on your first preference, and your remaining time is then allocated flexibly.

What about personal development in PwC's Assurance Academy?

Our comprehensive training and professional development programmes can be found here.

Are there events where I can meet PwC's Assurance Academy members and learn more about it?

Yes, you will find all events here.

How long will I spend in PwC's Assurance Academy?

From one to four years, depending on your experience and entry level.

Can I work in just one industry?

Yes, in certain cases. However, this option must be clarified in a personal discussion.

How many people are in PwC's Assurance Academy?

Almost 500 people.

Will I still be able to earn my diploma as a Swiss Certified Public Accountant?

Yes, you can do the following diplomas and certificates:

  • Swiss Certified Public Accountant (SCPA)
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
  • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)

And naturally we'll help - by giving you any time and financial support you need.

Who is responsible for PwC's Assurance Academy?

Philippe Bingert is PwC's Assurance Academy leader.

Can I do an internship within PwC's Assurance Academy?

Yes, these are generally available from October to April. This is when we have the greatest amount of work, so it's an ideal chance to learn a lot. Find out more here.

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