PwC’s Assurance Academy

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PwC's Assurance Academy is an innovative development programme that gives you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and expand your networks. Thus your auditor training allows you to gain experience before deciding on your preferred area of expertise, such as asset management, banking, insurance or IT-auditing.

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PwC's Assurance Academy offers you the opportunity to

  • gain excellent experience of the various units and career paths available in core audit and/or IT audit, taking your personal interests into account;
  • gain experience across a broad range of clients in core finance-, systems- and process-related audits;
  • acquire and apply a broad range of technical and soft skills through tailor-made learning (e.g. Swiss CPA, CISA) on and off the job;
  • drive your personal growth with your individual training schedule and work experience - your "Assurance Academy Passport";
  • build trustful and lasting relationships of high value with your Assurance Academy Buddy, assurance colleagues, superiors and clients, as well as with colleagues in our other lines of service at PwC;
  • thrive in an environment committed to teamwork, trust and mutual support;
  • develop your personal and business profile through regular feedback from colleagues and superiors;
  • start your career in a flexible and agile working environment;
  • gain experience in the different projects, teams, industries and service areas offered by the Assurance Academy;
  • understand the requirements for national and international mobility in order to support your career;
  • balance your workload with other choices and commitments in your life;
  • have direct contact with clients, leverage your communication and selling capabilities.

PwC's Assurance Academy expects you to

  • take ownership of your development and career;
  • lead yourself and others to make a difference and deliver results in a responsible, authentic and committed manner;
  • establish a long-term view of where you want to specialise later in your career, and start to tailor your journey consciously (mandates, roles,functions, training sessions);
  • be open and curious and take opportunities outside your main area as well;
  • leverage your experience and network beyond PwC (sporting activities, student clubs, politics, etc.);
  • become a valued member of our teams;
  • think independently and confidently about sharing your point of view;
  • learn to ask for and give appropriate, helpful feedback;
  • adopt leaders - both at PwC and on the client side - as role models for your future career;
  • use your education, business knowledge, innovation and insight to deliver outstanding value to our clients and PwC;
  • operate and collaborate effectively with a mindset that transcends geographic and cultural boundaries;
  • educate yourself in industry-specific and cross-functional knowledge and issues;
  • gain insight into the challenges your clients face and how PwC can create value beyond current assignments;
  • be agile, persistent and open to challenging and complex situations, showing a willingness to go the extra mile;
  • adopt an entrepreneurial approach and build up your own personal network.

What are your career perspective

We want you to make the most out of your time in PwC's Assurance Academy and to help you make the best choice that suits your personal preferences as well as market demands. That is why we will continue to provide you with coaching and guidance throughout your career.

Assurance Academy members have a wealth of opportunities at their disposal in terms of training and specialisation. Check out our training opportunities here.

A glance behind the scenes

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PwC's Assurance Academy FAQ

What is PwC's Assurance Academy?

PwC's Assurance Academy is almost 500 PwC employees - including 24 different nationalities - at 15 locations across Switzerland. Most are in their mid-to-late twenties, with one to four years' work experience.

How is PwC's Assurance Academy different to a traditional development programme?

Graduates who join PwC's Assurance Academy define three areas they want to explore as part of their assurance career. Once promoted to senior level, an individual will then focus on one or two areas.

What does this mean on an everyday basis?

You spend a minimum of 50% of your working time on your first preference, and your remaining time is then allocated flexibly.

What about personal development in PwC's Assurance Academy?

Our comprehensive training and professional development programmes can be found here

Are there events where I can meet PwC's Assurance Academy members and learn more about it?

Yes, you will find all events here.

How long will I spend in PwC's Assurance Academy?

From one to four years, depending on your experience and entry level.

How many people are in PwC's Assurance Academy?

Almost 500 people.

Who is responsible for PwC's Assurance Academy?

Philippe Bingert is PwC's Assurance Academy leader.

Can I work in just one industry?

Yes, in certain cases. However, this option must be clarified in a personal discussion.

Will I still be able to earn my diploma as a Swiss Certified Public Accountant?

Yes, you can do the following diplomas and certificates: 

  • Swiss Certified Public Accountant (SCPA)
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
  • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)

And naturally we'll help - by giving you any time and financial support you need. 

Can I do an internship within PwC's Assurance Academy?

Yes, these are generally available from October to April. This is when we have the greatest amount of work, so it's an ideal chance to learn a lot. Find out more here

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