PwC Allies - Anne-Sophie's experience

Name: Anne-Sophie Mettler
University: University of Zurich
Course of study: Banking and Finance
Degree: Master
LoS: Audit – Trade, Industries & Services
Duration of internship: 6 months
PwC office: Winterthur

Quick summary of your internship experience:

I wanted to use the time between my bachelor’s and master’s degree to expand my knowledge and to gain practical experience in the industry. To do so, the internship in audit at PwC was ideal. Right from the beginning I had the opportunity to join the teams on different mandates to do audit on site. In my six-month internship I not only had the possibility to get to know many different companies and expand my professional knowledge, but also to foster my personal development by being part of many diverse teams. I really enjoyed the time at PwC. It was very interesting and instructive.

What was the funniest thing that happened during your time with PwC?

It is hard to name a specific situation or event that was extraordinarily funny. But in general, the lunch breaks and team events were always a lot of fun.

“Teamwork makes dream work” – how was it within your team?

I can definitely support the saying “teamwork makes dream work”. All the teams I worked with regarded me as a full team member from the very first minute. If anything was unclear, I always had the possibility to ask questions. Thanks to the close cooperation within the teams and their willingness to explain new tasks I was able to benefit greatly from the experience of my colleagues and to contribute to the work at hand.

What was a challenge for you during your internship?

One evening, while I was out with my team of the Winterthur office having pizza, the news reached us, that from now on we would have to work from home due to COVID-19. At first, I was skeptical if and how this was going to work. Luckily these concerns soon disappeared. Through regular online meetings, phone calls and virtual coffee breaks we were able to adapt to the new situation and to ensure that a professional and social exchange still took place during this time of uncertainty.

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