PwC Allies - Elias Schmid's experience

Name: Elias Schmid
University: University of St Andrews
Course of study: Finance and Management
Degree: Master
LoS: Advisory / Financial Services
Duration of internship: 6 months
PwC office: Zurich

Quick summary of your internship experience:

My internship experience was one marked by plenty of learning, meeting new people and gradually growing into the shoes of a young professional. Most of all, however, it was a period of great personal development for me, in the sense that I developed a newfound degree of emotional resilience and steadfastness. I am certain this will be of great use to me in the future.

What were your tasks during your internship?

During my six-month internship, I worked in the Wealth Management Team, within Financial Services Advisory. I was able to work on a couple of different jobs during my time at PwC. For example, I did data collection and processing for the PwC UBS Billionaires Report, a highly interesting joint-thought leadership collaboration between PwC and UBS. For that same project, I also worked on much corroborative material, such as presentations offering both summaries and “deep-dives” of the findings.
I was also lucky enough to briefly participate in an Agile Project at a major German and International Bank, which proved to be challenging but insightful. Working “out of house” was certainly an interesting and stimulating experience.

Finally, I was able to shadow a colleague in the Internal Firm Services department. This represented a great opportunity to acquire a more holistic picture of the firm.

What was the best team event or happening you attended?

The best team event during my time at PwC was most definitely the ski weekend in Davos. This was a fantastic opportunity to better get to know my colleagues on a personal level, in a casual setting. It was also simply a lot of fun by any metric. I will be sure not to forget winning an Oscar for my role as Empress Sissi, in a short movie we produced, starring junior staff like myself as well as some of our partners. We enjoyed laughs galore!

What was your key takeaway from your internship at PwC?

Six months at PwC taught me just how full of challenges, successes and setbacks a short period of time can be. More importantly, it showed me that perceived failures, achievements and victories are temporary sensations and that opportunities are a recurring sensation. The takeaway is therefore, to simply seize those that one glimpses and take the best possible shot at it.

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