PwC Allies - Jaqueline Portmann's experience

Name: Jaqueline Portmann
University: University of St. Gallen
Course of study: Accounting and Finance
Degree: Master
LoS: Assurance
Duration of internship: 6 months
PwC office: Lucerne

Quick summary of your internship experience:

My internship in auditing at PwC was an extremely interesting and educational time. I was able to gather a lot of valuable experience and make contacts that helped me to enhance both my professional and personal skills. I could get a clear picture of the daily work and challenges of an auditor. In addition, I got to know different companies from a wide range of industries. For anyone who could think of a professional career in auditing or consulting, I can highly recommend an internship at PwC.

What were your tasks?

From the very first day of the internship, you are part of the audit team, and so I was able to work on the client’s site right from the start. My main task consisted of participating in the auditing of individual companies and groups. I was assigned a wide variety of interesting tasks from the very beginning, which enabled me to expand my expertise within a very short time.

What surprised you after starting your internship at PwC (e.g. task, team, office, lunch options)?

I was surprised by how many new people from different Lines of Services, offices and backgrounds I got to meet in such a short time at PwC. Both on individual engagements and at the various events organised by PwC. I also found it an excellent opportunity to be given a lot of responsibility right from the start. This meant that I was able to go to the client’s site alone from time to time to perform various tasks such as taking part in inventories stock counts or carrying out minor audit work.

How was work during the busy season? A challenge or an opportunity to learn?

I definitely experienced the busy season as a great opportunity to learn as much as possible and to develop personally as well. I found the time to be very multifaceted, as I usually worked for around one to two weeks or just a few days at the same client’s site. The variety of these companies also allowed me to learn a lot about the different industries and gain insights into their fields of operation. This definitely made the time very interesting and highly instructive.

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