PwC Allies - Jonathan Bruce's experience

Name: Jonathan Bruce
University: FHNW Olten
Course of study: International Business Administration
Degree: Bachelor
LoS: Assurance/Advisory
Duration of internship: 1 year
PwC office: Bern

Quick summary of your internship experience:

I can highly recommend an internship at PwC for those interested in experiencing accounting or advisory services. Right from the start of the internship I was warmly welcomed by my coach and the team. As a valued member of the team, I received early on considerable responsibility to manage key client tasks. This enabled me to create a great bond with my working colleagues, which I still share with them now. Thanks to the team dynamic and the openness of my coach and colleagues, I was able to benefit from a steep learning curve and sharpen my business acumen and skills. In addition, there were a lot of possibilities to enrol in workshops to develop new skill sets and network with other individuals at PwC. Another great advantage of working at PwC was the opportunity to work in several different departments thereby allowing me to expand my knowledge of the diverse service offerings to clients.

What were your tasks during your internship?

I was responsible for creating professional quotation/offer books for clients first. But then, steering through a global pandemic, PwC helped the Swiss Government to process state loan guarantees for private sector lending in relation to the COVID-19 state support packages. This was an interesting and valuable task. On top, I did financial statement consistency checks, which means integrity and mathematical checks of balance sheets and income statements. No day was the same.

What was the coolest experience you made? And what was quite challenging?

I think my most memorable experience is when I was appointed to accompany a military general from Zurich airport to our office in Bern for an important meeting. The experience was very enlightening because I was able to ask him questions about his military career and how his experiences on the field influenced the way he views business matters. 

This task was challenging since it was my first real stand-alone client contact and then with a high-profile guest.

Looking back: what tip would you have for someone starting an internship with PwC?

Make the most of the internship by learning and remaining open and flexible to a fast-moving environment and embrace the PwC culture to the fullest.

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