PwC Allies - Timur Akhsanov's experience

Name: Timur Akhsanov
University: École hôtelière de Lausanne
Course of study: International Hospitality Management
Degree: Bachelor
LoS: Tax & Legal (Russian Desk)
Duration of internship: 6 months
PwC office: Lausanne

Quick summary of your internship experience:

I did my internship in Tax & Legal, where I worked with the team of the Russian Desk. I was able to train for six months, a time full of fun, unforgettable experience and opportunities to develop myself.

How would you describe your team and the team spirit?

I had very little background in law. However, the amazing leadership in my team, their friendliness and eagerness to help, allowed me to learn all necessary skills and even sparked my interest in law.

What was most challenging for you during your internship?

To be honest, the most challenging part during my internship was to keep up with more senior team members, especially in the first months, as I had no idea what was happening around me. But everybody at PwC is willing to help and share their valuable insights about the industry, and so I came up to speed in no time.

Would you recommend an internship at PwC and why?

I encourage everybody to apply for an internship at PwC, because you will be able to learn from industry experts, acquire valuable skills and test your ideas against the realities of the world. Remember: everything is possible, so dare to reimagine the possible.

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