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An innovative post-merger operating model

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Companies with inorganic growth via acquisitions can face post-merger challenges starting from day 1 after the transfer of ownership. The acquisition of a medium-sized global business altered our client’s business landscape substantially. It led them to change their strategy from local country optimisation on a group level to global business unit optimisation.

Sounds like day-to-day business in today’s global economy but in fact, it is a big deal. It required a complete separation – legally and in terms of operations – of all business units in 25 countries.

The PwC Deals Team in Switzerland went to work. First, to define a new business unit by clustering the acquired business with the existing company. Second, to design the operating model that best serves customers of the new unit. Then, to find a legal setup exclusively for the new business unit that ensures continued local operations in as many countries as possible.

With in-depth analysis and close collaboration with our client, our team defined a business unit setup that maximised the client’s acquisition synergies. Then we designed an innovative global operating model and assessed its feasibility on a country level for 25 countries. Per country, we identified the process and organisational changes required for supply chain, sales and customer service, legal, IT, human resources, tax and regulatory, and quantified the change-related costs. We outlined all legal entity setup requirements and costs per country. Ultimately, we successfully set up operating model implementation including legal entity creation in all countries.

Discussions with the client and project team were intense. Yet, all parties created an inspiring and beneficial working environment. The result? Valuable and long-lasting client relationships were built. The PwC Deals Team supports the client with further acquisitions and transformations.


Whether it’s planning for succession, a carve-out or spin-off, or restructuring the business, PwC supports clients and keeps them fully informed throughout the process. Clients rely on us. This has earned us a global reputation as a leading deal advisor.

We evaluate the business and clarify the opportunities and risks associated with any proposed deal. And we conduct thorough financial analysis – of course, considering legal and tax implications – and review the prevailing management style and corporate culture.

Our seasoned experts and cutting-edge digital tools ensure that the client has reliable data and recommendations for sound decision-making. We work closely with management to formulate a carefully nuanced strategy designed to commit all stakeholders to the proposition. The right advice at the right time.

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