Target practice

For a data-driven future

Aiming for best practice in data analytics: focus and trust

Not news to you: data is the foundation of our digitised world. Leading organisations rely on data for their decision-making processes, while less data-driven companies find capturing value from data challenging.
At PwC we help businesses aim on becoming successful data-driven organisations. It takes intense focus and mental clarity. And trusted teamwork.

Our client understands the need to assess their analytic capabilities. They can foresee the importance of data analytics and data-driven decision-making. They made data management a key priority – and called us in. Our goals: identify a future state of collaboration for the data analytics department of the company and design a target data governance and operating model for them.

Due to rising demand for analytics from stakeholders, the client needed to reassess and adjust strategic alignment and development. We took a holistic approach and worked hand in hand with the client: interviewing key stakeholders, conducting a maturity assessment of data analytics capabilities, preparing vision/mission/governance scenarios and product offerings for the client’s team. Finally, we developed a roadmap with recommended activities.

Technology Consulting

We all expect service and content that is relevant to us – anytime, anywhere. Digital and seamless. Customised and individual solutions are important. The thing is people are different.

At PwC’s Technology Consulting we analyse the purpose that drives people. We know that people expect interactive experiences and feed this into the implementation of seamless front-office processes.

PwC is a leading Salesforce partner with a global network of software architects, developers and industry experts. Our BXT method combines three dimensions – business, experience and technology. People-centred consulting, tech-driven solutions.

It all comes down to boosting performance, and trust in our expertise.

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