Case study: Moving into the digital world in less than 60 days

The PwC experience from FRIDAY


The Berlin start-up FRIDAY is shaking up the automobile insurance market with a new type of platform for digital motor vehicle products. Working alongside PwC and US software developer Guidewire, the subsidiary of the Baloise group is capitalising on the momentum of the 4.0 era and making full use of its innovative capacities to produce a cloud-based core system.

An old game with new rules  

The dynamic market environment and rapidly changing customer requirements mean that insurers must make their products and services increasingly flexible and varied. The expectations placed on insurance providers by both customers and distribution partners are rising all the time. Traditional insurance companies with their old core systems are no longer able to cope with the latest parameters, particularly with regard to speed and service quality.  They must therefore consider how to replace their current core systems with digital standard solutions. With FRIDAY, the Baloise insurance group has adopted a particularly innovative approach.

Thanks to a core system implemented in partnership with PwC and Guidewire, Friday is able to introduce digital processes along the entire value chain. This system not only allows us to offer clients a novel user experience, but also to provide a digital insurance platform that serves as the basis for collaborations.

Christoph Samwer, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO of FRIDAY


FRIDAY launched its platform for digital insurance products together with PwC and Guidewire in September 2017. The cloud-based core system allows innovative insurance solutions to be brought onto the market rapidly. The strong trio succeeded in developing and implementing the platform in less than sixty days. 

More than just software

The Guidewire InsuranceSuite™, a tried-and-tested core insurance system from the world's leading software developer Guidewire, forms the basis for the platform. Thanks to this system, FRIDAY can control centralised product sales, manage insurance contracts and claims, process customer data and handle payment collection and disbursements. 

Pioneer spirit reloaded

But that’s not all. On the basis of the new platform, FRIDAY is becoming an established player on the automobile market with innovative new products and services. Since the market launch, the digital insurance provider has introduced a range of innovations which live up to this description. New features include the possibility to cancel automobile insurance on a monthly basis, or to calculate premiums according to the actual number of kilometres driven with the insured vehicle.


Never before has core system software been tailored to meet the needs of a company or introduced as quickly as FRIDAY. The three partners, FRIDAY, PwC and Guidewire, are setting new benchmarks for digital business models in the insurance sector. 

A clever combination of experience and expertise

We at PwC have been working closely with Guidewire to form a smooth partnership, pushing ahead with the successful integration and adjustment of the system to meet the needs of the digital insurance provider. Building on more than ten years of cooperation with Guidewire and field-tested experience of over 100 successful Guidewire system implementations, our input was of great benefit to FRIDAY. 

x-times faster as a team of three

Within a very short space of time, an experienced, international team put our expertise and project methods to good use. Key factors which contributed to the success of the project included the fact that the three partners remained constantly in contact with one another and exchanged as much information as possible. The speed at which the digital solution was launched is unrivalled. FRIDAY has set a new record in the continental European insurance race.

Anything is possible

A well thought-out, scalable structure is essential for the development and rapid implementation of product innovations. Thanks to the new core system, FRIDAY is able to digitise its processes along the entire value chain. This opens up new user experiences for customers of the start-up. What is more, thanks to its digital insurance platform FRIDAY has created a solid foundation for further cooperation and ecosystems.


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