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Feb 18, 2016

How do you turn accounting and salary administration into your most important minor matter?

Focusing on core competencies through outsourcing.

The misson

HRM Systems AG is the leading company in advisory services and the processing of accident and illness-related absences for corporate clients. With over 50 employees, it maintains a broad, constantly growing base of long-term, partnership-based client relationships. Its mission is to offer services that minimise all the consequential costs associated with accidents and illnesses.

Focusing on core competencies

HRM Systems focuses fully on its core competency: accident, illness and absence management for companies. This means that other support functions, such as accounting and salary administration, need to operate smoothly in the background. In order to achieve this, HRM looked for a solution and cooperative partnership with a view to competency, trust and continuity.

It is the high level of availability and quick response times, coupled with high-quality awareness, entrepreneurial thinking and broad expert knowledge that make PwC a long-term, valuable sparring partner for us.

Robert Hartmann, Managing Director

Finding the right balance

Focusing on core competencies and thus freeing up time for the optimisation and further development of its core service offering through new innovations are central prerequisites for HRM Systems AG to be able to maintain its position as a leading company in a very dynamic market. Only through a healthy balance between the company's different needs and collaborating with dependable partners is such a focus possible in the first place. As the company's outsourcing partner and trusted advisor, PwC helps to contribute to HRM Systems AG's success.

The solution

Outsourcing and customer orientation

To meet its customer's requirements for an optimal allocation of tasks, PwC assumed responsibility for HRM Systems AG's financial and salary accounting as an "outsourcing partner".

Financial accounting

The financial accounts are updated monthly using customer receipts and other information. This makes it possible to provide prompt evaluations and information when needed. Correct recording of transactions on which VAT is payable and generation of invoices are essential to the services we provide.

Annual financial reports are tax-optimised and produced by way of dialogue with management and the Board of Directors.

Salary accounting

Salary administration (employment contracts, contacts with social insurers etc.) is largely handled by HRM Systems AG. PwC processes salaries each month using current information about new recruits, expenses payments and other variables. This process also generates a .dta file for bank payments, the evaluations required by management and, when changes are made, the salary statement for the employee.

All social insurance statements and salary statements are generated in the course of the year-end process and in compliance with current regulations. All evaluations and other information are made available to the client in a readily readable folder, which also serves as the basis for subsequent audits.

Especially where salaries are concerned, HRM Systems AG has to repeatedly deal with specialist questions concerning social insurance or requires special evaluations or statistics for its own internal purposes or for the authorities. This is where sound expertise and quick and straightforward answers or opinions are crucial.

Valuable sparring partner

Many years of support by PwC and continuous cooperation in other projects have strengthened the relationship between HRM Systems and PwC. For instance, PwC was able to contribute valuable insight regarding strategic questions, tax planning and consulting as well as in facing other corporate challenges in the capacity of a trusted advisor. Trust and partnership are key prerequisites for this.

The added value

PwC's employees not only provide timely advice on financial and salary accounting matters for HRM Systems AG, but also constantly take into consideration the growing requirements resulting from legal changes in the area of accounting, and especially those related to social insurance or the introduction of the new salary statement. Even when dealing with cross-theme or specialised questions (VAT, compensation, etc.), HRM Systems can draw on a pool of experts from a very wide range of areas. PwC's vast knowledge, quick response times as well as its much-needed foresight are very much appreciated by HRM Systems AG.

This solution gives HRM Systems AG the flexibility to secure and develop its reputation as the leading company in the area of accident, illness and absence management. The company is able expand and continually improve its service range while concentrating on its strengths and deepening its existing customer relationships. HRM Systems can focus fully on the needs of their customers. PwC worked with HRM Systems AG to find a solution that achieves the necessary balancing act between insourcing and outsourcing. Here it is particularly important that the client's needs for flexibility in terms of cooperation, quality and availability can be fulfilled and the necessary support can be provided.

In the long term

While the solutions worked out by PwC always address current requirements, they are also designed to take into account a company's long-term development. This long-term approach is also at the heart of the relationship of HRM Systems with PwC – a relationship that has existed for over 10 years.

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