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Case study: What's the quickest way to make things add up in social services?

Greater speed and professionalism within client accounting thanks to ITworks:CARE


The private foundation azb in Strengelbach in the Canton of Aargau offers people with disabilities a wide range of services relating to work, housing, education and activities. The foundation has a modern infrastructure in place which aims to make administration as efficient as possible.

A need for simpler accounting

The foundation's management mandated PwC, with which it has a longstanding partnership, to introduce a client administration system intended to simplify accounting across 15 cantons. This had become extremely complex since the advent of the new fiscal equalisation system and the change in the division of tasks between the federal government and the cantons. There were no formal guidelines for the new system; the requirements were based on the existing process.

PwC recommended the complete IT solution ITworks:CARE to the foundation azb. This modular system is based on ABACUS and is designed to meet the specific administration, invoicing, financial and accounting requirements of social institutions.

An ambitious solution for a complex sector

ITworks:CARE allows the foundation's managers to record services simply and seamlessly and to transfer accounting data via the web to the Canton of Aargau. In addition, the QlikView module makes it possible to carry out various standardised and individual evaluations at the touch of a button.

PwC has not only designed an affordable, complete solution for us, but also continues to surprise us with their comprehensive sector knowledge.

Jörg Neeser, Administration Area Head, azb foundation


Quantum leap and ABACUS

PwC is highly experienced with helping companies convert their accounting standards. Together with the implementation of a consolidation package, the solution was also to provide a base for planning and budgeting in one single system.

QlikView for analyses

Moreover, the HR processes at IKEA today are hardly comparable with those of the past. In 2011, ABACUS was enhanced to include QlikView, a tool for analysing HR key figures. At one fell swoop, the time-consuming and error-prone manual administration of the reporting procedure became a thing of the past. In connection with the introduction of QlikView, PwC was able to crystallise more than 1500 tables down to just several dynamic evaluations. The advantages these improvements offer the end user are striking, indeed: the application can be utilised intuitively and enables comparisons to be made of various months and business units. The data are updated automatically each day, and access to detail views is quick and easy.


With the introduction and continuous development of ITworks:CARE, the collaboration between PwC and the foundation is bearing fruit. The new, complete IT solution has reduced the amount of time that managers need for payroll and care-receiver accounting from one week to one and a half days, including data control, packing and sending invoices. Through automation, the quality of the entire accounting process has been significantly improved and sources of error have been eliminated by and large.

Costs and processes under control

ITworks:CARE was introduced at the start of September and the first round of accounting was already conducted successfully the following January. The system has a fantastic cost-benefit ratio. In addition, it brings together PwC's comprehensive knowledge and many years of experience in the areas of accounting and business management for the benefit of the foundation.


Markus Leu

Leader Treuhand/Corporate Support Services, Lucerne, PwC Switzerland

+41 58 792 63 35