Case study: How do you gear up your reporting?

Flexibilisation and simplification of the reporting process thanks to QlikView


The Foundation for the Handicapped Aarau-Lenzburg, “Orte zum Leben” offers more than 280 adults with mainly mental, but also in certain instances multiple, handicaps an array of needs-compatible opportunities in the areas of habitation/daycare, industrial workshops, carpet-/hand-weaving, social integration centres, service groups and housekeeping. The institution comprises two locations (Lenzburg and Oberentfelden) and employs ca. 320 people (220 fulltime equivalents).

Flexibility and simplicity needed

The foundation’s administration was looking for an ideally suited evaluation, analysis and reporting system that is quick, simple and flexible to use. The data substrate comes from ABACUS and Excel. Those responsible for the foundation wanted to find an IT partner, which can support them with industry-specific experience and an in-depth grasp of ABACUS. Another key criterion for the new system was an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

Less handwork, greater efficiency

With the new system, the administrators wanted not only to reduce the large amount of manual work involved in reporting and multi-source evaluations, but also to make the rigid ABACUS-based summaries more flexible. In addition, the application had to accommodate the increasing internal and external reporting requirements. The main emphasis here was placed on the monthly coordination with various cantons (i.e. the contracting parties for the services).

«Our dialogue with PwC is built on trust and continuity – this was also the case in the evaluation and introduction of QlikView. Together, we have found a tailored solution that offers us clear added value.»

Felix Bachmann, Head of Administration at Foundation for the Handicapped Aarau-Lenzburg


The Foundation for the Handicapped Aarau-Lenzburg, “Orte zum Leben” commissioned PwC to search for an ideally suited system. The ABACUS experts at PwC got to the root of the foundation administrators’ concerns and desires by conducting a comprehensive needs assessment and came up with a number of comparable solutions. Ultimately, the foundation opted for QlikView as a user-friendly business intelligence tool.

Reliable answers here and now 

In an intense dialogue with the users, the PwC experts brought the foundation administrators up to speed with QlikView. The system supplies information and standard reports at the press of a button. In this way, the foundation has managed to significantly increase its efficiency in generating regular reports as well as reduce to a minimum the number of errors that arise from the many manual processes involved.


With the introduction of QlikView, the Foundation for the Handicapped Aarau-Lenzburg, “Orte zum Leben” has benefited from an array of advantages: PwC is preparing practical QlikView templates for ABACUS, which significantly simplifies its introduction and use. Moreover, PwC is a longstanding ABACUS partner and therefore brings to the table profound know-how in terms of the database. The foundation profits from PwC’s proven experience with the system and from solid industry knowledge from the all-in-one ITworks solution concept: CARE for social institutions.


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