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Case study: How does a normal client become a devotee?

State-of-the-art document processing and electronic archiving thanks to ABACUS


Zurich-based Urban Food Concepts Ltd. (UFC) devises innovative restaurant concepts and accompanies gastronomy projects from inception to maturity in the market. At Talent Management, those responsible for resource planning work closely with the hospitality specialists at Wissenspark AG.

Time for a new partner

For several years now, UFC has been using ABACUS as an ERP solution in its daily bookkeeping activities. Due to a change at its previous provider, UFC was on the search for a new ABACUS partner. As the company’s auditing firm PwC was already a candidate and a known quantity for decision-makers at UFC. The new software partner’s job: continue to maintain and optimise the existing system as well as make the switch to an electronic means of document processing that enables scanning and e-initialing. And on top of it all, an efficient e-banking solution needed to be introduced. At that point, PwC’s invitation to a special workshop on the topic of “Digital ERP” came at just the right moment. The UFC employees attending the workshop were convinced by the competencies of the PwC consultants.

The crux of multiplicity

UFC is situated in two locations where the office space is spread across two buildings and a number of floors. Despite this decentralisation, it was vital for the company that the flow of documents ran smoothly and time/costs could be saved in this area.

Knowledge, expertise and commitment – those are the ingredients of a successful business relationship. The PwC team brought along everything and even more.

Thomas Gut, Managing Director, Urban Food Concepts


With their extensive know-how in the field of electronic archiving and document processing, the PwC experts served the managers at UFC an extra portion of professional competence and lent an entirely new meaning to the term software support.

Efficiency and proactive thinking

PwC’s ABACUS team updated and improved the existing application, introduced an electronic document processing routine with scanning/initialing capabilities and installed the user-friendly ABACUS Electronic Banking system. Then as now and in the years ahead, the PwC crew remains steadfastly at the side of UFC managers and users for all matters pertaining to ABACUS.


PwC’s comprehensive grasp of ABACUS as well as the uncomplicated dialogue between both parties made the project a success and a valuable experience for everyone involved. UFC managers were kept up to speed on the latest developments at all times and could rest assured that their concerns were addressed quickly and professionally.

Faster, easier, safer

With PwC’s assistance, UFC has been able to save considerable time in its document processing activities and significantly reduce the amount of paper it consumes. The procedures are now simpler and security greater. Thanks to the new electronic archive, in future UFC will need only a fraction of the previous storage space for its documents – and can keep handling costs at an agreeably low level.

More is worth more

UFC has benefited not only from PwC's vast experience and profound know-how in the use of ABACUS solutions; it can also continue to count on the skills of PwC experts in addressing ancillary issues, technological possibilities and the use of leading-edge tools.


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