Blockchain & Law

An afternoon with the global legal and academic experts

About the event

Distributed ledger technologies have gained even greater traction since we held last year’s Blockchain and Law event. The business community is rapidly recognising that blockchain goes way beyond cryptocurrencies. Many are predicting that before long, smart contracts will have transformed interactions between the different economic players in ecosystems – in fact the entire way we do business.

The whole way we do law will change as well. Indeed it’s already happening around us. Not only are new technologies and processes demanding new legal responses; the very technology is changing the way lawyers go about their work. PwC and Trust Square have organised this year’s Blockchain and Law event to keep you ahead of these rapid developments. 

Once again the thought-provoking afternoon will feature some of the leading minds in blockchain, including Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner, Head of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and Marina Niforos, Logos Global Advisors and Member EU Blockchain Observatory as well as PwC’s legal, financial services and digital experts Dr. Günther Dobrauz, Tina Balzli, Priit Lätt and Frederik Gregaard.

We hope you’ll join us to further cement our trailblazing legal and blockchain community at Trust Square in Zurich on Wednesday, 19 February.



Topics & highlights


Opening speech

Dr. Günther Dobrauz


Keynote speech

  • The future of finance: crypto assets, bitcoin, tokenized assets and the digital Euro 
  • Latest developments in Germany

Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner


Recent developments in the legal framework for DLT and blockchain in Switzerland

Tina Balzli


Recent developments and practice in Estonia in crypto asset regulation

Priit Lätt


Building trust for Al through Blockchain

Marina Niforos



Blockchain essentials

Frederik Gregaard




followed by drinks and snacks


Dr. Günther Dobrauz

Partner, PwC Switzerland Legal Services Leader, PwC Switzerland 

Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner

Head, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center


Tina Balzli

Head Banking, Partner, PwC Legal Switzerland, PwC Switzerland

Priit Lätt

Partner and Head of IP/IT, PwC Estonia

Marina Niforos

Logos Global Advisors and Member EU Blockchain Observatory


Frederik Gregaard

Head Digital Financial Services Advisory, PwC Switzerland 




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Partner, PwC Switzerland Legal Services Leader, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 14 97

Mark A. Schrackmann

Assistant Manager, PwC Legal Switzerland, PwC Switzerland

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