Blockchain Experience Workshops

Understand how blockchain can transform your business by experiencing hands-on what the technology feels like

Everyone’s  talking about blockchain. But how many people really understand it? The best way to grasp the potential of such an abstract technology is to experience it for yourself. We’ve created a game that actually makes you part of a blockchain. After the game you’ll not only be familiar with the technology itself. You’ll also have an intuitive feel for how blockchain technology will impact the entire business ecosystem and how people interact within it.

Who understands blockchain really?

Many people associate blockchain with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. And it’s true: blockchain is a very good way of exchanging assets or other items of value among users within a network, without a centralised authority such as a bank to clear transactions. 

But it’s much more than that. Blockchain is a powerful technology for distributing any validated information instantly across a network. This means it has the potential to massively disrupt existing business processes in just about any industry, from food safety in supply chains to trading equity on the open financial market.

Learn what it feels like to be a blockchain!

The Blockchain Experience is based on a game that’s not only fun to play, but translates all these abstract ideas in to a tangible experience.
We start with a short introduction to blockchain and an explanation of the Blockchain Game. Then we play. 

The rules of the game are simple: You and the other participants become nodes in a blockchain. Together you form a blockchain network in which transactions will  take place and in which you store your ledger. After every round we’ll do a short review to answer your questions, eliminate any doubts and reflect on what we’ve just learned.

First part of the Blockchain Experience Workshop:
Duration 1.5 hours maximum
Number of participants 6-100
Become a blockchain
  • Become nodes in a blockchain
  • Build a blockchain with pen and paper
  • Play the game

Play with new ideas

After the game, you get to play with some new ideas in a 2½-hour co-creation session. Here we’ll help you explore the opportunities of this emerging technology for your company. This includes considering what the right approach and timeline  for blockchain-based services are in your specific circumstances.

Second part of the Blockchain Experience Workshop:
Duration 2.5 hours maximum
Number of participants 6-100
Become a blockchain
  • Play with ideas
  • Come up with ways of using this technology in your part of the business

Who and when?

The first Blockchain Experience event will take place im May 2020, and includes examples specifically designed for the financial services sector.

Participation Fee

  • PwC Blockchain Experience Workshop
    CHF 450 per person
  • Private Blockchain Experience Session
    price on request


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