PwC's Data Leaders Luncheons

Data Leaders face many internal and external challenges, combining stakeholder needs, emerging technological trends, and shaping data and analytics initiatives for measurable business performance. Join this complimentary event in a selected setting to explore and exchange with other data & analytics leaders on common practices that will help you fuel the success for you and your organisation.


This luncheon is aimed at CDOs, key decision makers, and other responsibles for Data and Analytics Initiatives.

Attendance is by invitation only, and places are limited.

Our next Data Leaders Luncheons

To promote exchange on Data Initiatives, our Data Leaders Luncheons are a platform that aims at leaders from the fields of Data, Data Products, Transformation, Commercial and Operational Excellence, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Insights and Data Science to discuss current challenges that companies are facing, such as how to introduce AI in an operational way into a business, or how to apply machine learning even without large volumes of data.

The event will allow all participants to contribute freely at the Round Tables to create a genuine exchange of experience and expert knowledge.

Agenda 16 November 2023

11.30 - 11.50 Welcome by Matthias Leybold, Partner Technology & Data and Ignacio Barrios, Senior Manager Technology & Data, PwC Switzerland 
11.50 - 12.20 

Inverse Design Tools for Unleashing Creativity

Fernando Perez-Cruz 
Chief Data Scientist, Swiss Data Science Center and Professor in Computer Science, ETH Zurich 

12.20 - 12.50 Lunch 
12.50 - 13.20

COGS variances planning and simulation

Andreea Popescu
Head of Digital Finance at Takeda GMS/GQ

Matthias Baelus
Digital Finance Solution Lead at Takeda GMS/GQ

13.20 - 13.30
Time for discussions and coffee


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