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For decades PwC has been accumulating extensive finance knowledge. Most of us know how traditional banks work, loans are issued and structured financial products are composed. But over the last few years, decentralised (often blockchain-based) solutions have provided an alternative and more inclusive financial system, which is becoming more and more appealing and could reduce the need for traditional banks.

Learn together with Maker Foundation (MakerDAO), one of the biggest players in the area of DeFi, issuing the famous decentralised stable coin DAI while being a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), and PwC what the next generation of finance looks like.


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Stable coins

Stable coins | 10 November 2020, 16:30 CET

Cryptocurrencies are volatile. Stable coins are crucial for eliminating this volatile dependency on cryptocurrencies by being pegged to a fiat currency like the US dollar. To achieve this peg, different approaches exist. Maker has developed an innovative way to keep their stable coin (DAI) stable. Learn about stable coins with us!

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Lending platforms

Lending platforms | 17 December 2020, 16:30 CET

Lending and borrowing are some of the most important aspects of finance. Banks are often the central institution and connection point when it comes to lending and borrowing. Then along came crowded funding platforms that tried to directly connect lenders and borrowers. But the direct link was not direct, as the lending platform formed a central hub. Centralised systems may work well as long as they don’t result in additional costs or risks. But this may not always be the case.

Learn about how smart contracts and decentralised finance (DeFi) try to enable decentralised and direct lending and borrowing while simultaneously avoiding additional costs and risks.

Our guest speaker was Marc Zeller from Aave. Marc is the Integrations Lead, working to make the life of projects building on Aave easier. He's active in Ethereum Community since 2015 and one of the creators of Ethereum France (EthCC).

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Webinar on Exchanges

Exchanges | 11 February 2021, 16:30 CET

Exchanges are known to be a central market for meeting and for exchanging goods and services. Therefore, a decentralised exchange might sound like a contradiction. DeFi succeeded in fully decentralising exchanges and came up with an innovative concept to provide liquidity at any given point in time as well as instant trade execution.

Learn about and discuss with us how decentralised exchanges work and how some of them eliminated the need for order books.

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Structured Financial Products

Structured Financial Products | 25 February 2021, 16:30 CET

Shorting or hedging a position in DeFi may just be the decentralised version of what we already know – but it can also be completely different. DeFi created innovative decentralised financial products. The need for margin, escrow or custody accounts is often provided for implicitly by the smart contracts. 

Learn about and discuss with us the combination of classic financial vehicles and a whole new range of investment vehicles.

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Webinar on Oracles

Oracles | 12 March 2021, 16:30 CET

Usually, decentralised ledger technology (DLT) relies on redundant code execution on multiple machines to verify a ledger change. Hence, each machine independently needs to get to the same conclusion regarding a ledger update. To achieve this, the calculations need to be deterministic. This excludes common API calls or the use of internet sources as we know it. To circumvent this, oracles are needed.

Learn about and discuss with us how oracles help the ecosystem and about the efforts to prevent them from becoming a centralised point of failure.

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