ESG on the move - the role of tax directors


About the webinar

ESG stands for ‘environmental, social and governance’ – without a doubt a global mega trend, and even more so in the post-Covid-19 world.  

Why is ESG relevant for tax directors?
  • Tax disclosures, tax reporting and total tax contribution is becoming more and more important – companies want to show that they pay a fair contribution to society.
  • States, especially in Europe, are imposing increasing environmental taxes, subsidies and incentives in order to enforce sustainable behaviour. This has an impact on your value chain (in addition to traditional transfer pricing).
  • Not taking environmental taxes and incentives and/or opportunities for green subsidies into account will result in increasing costs of business, process inefficiencies, non-aligned compliance, administrative difficulties and potentially reputational damage.
  • And finally, you should be informed and prepared for discussions with your leaders, who will absolutely have ESG on their agenda.

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  • Introduction 
    • Erik Steiger, Partner, Leader of ESG and Tax Reporting & Strategy, PwC Switzerland
  • Key ESG takeaways from the 24th Annual Global CEO survey
    • Christophe Bourgoin, Partner and Leader Sustainability and Investor Reporting, PwC Switzerland
  • ESG on the move - overview on the most relevant taxes: enhances long-term value and engender some short-term pain
    • Dr Antonios Koumbarakis, Sustainability & Strategic Regulatory Leader, PwC Switzerland
    • Patricia More, member of our EMEA ESG CoE
  • ESG impact on tax reporting and the tax function
    • Charalambos Antoniou, Swiss Tax Function Design Leader
  • Interview with Christian Schilz, Head Corporate Responsibility, Bank Vontobel AG - ESG in banking insights form a corporate sustainability perspective 

Our PwC experts

Erik Steiger is a partner at PwC since 2003, and he is the leader of ESG and Tax Reporting & Strategy.

He assists national and international clients as a tax advisor and head of the Compliance Center team for tax returns and advice. With over 25 years of experience, he takes on a wide variety of tasks in various tax areas pragmatically and with a keen eye for the needs of his customers.

Christophe Bourgoin is a Partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers Switzerland, focusing on investor and stakeholders’ reporting.

Christophe graduated from the University of Lyon III (France) with a post master degree in Diagnostic of Enterprises in 1998. Subsequently, he began his career in public accounting in London, and joined PricewaterhouseCoopers in Geneva in 2001. Christophe qualified as a US Certified Public Accountant in 2002 before working in New York City from 2004 to 2007. When returning to Zurich in 2007, Christophe was one of the founders of the Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory Services team, which he now leads together with the broader Sustainability and Investor Reporting team at PricewaterhouseCoopers Switzerland, and he became a Partner in 2011.

Christophe has over 20 years’ experience in domestic and international capital market transactions (IPOs, etc.), mergers and acquisition as well as post deal integration, and focuses on financial and non-financial reporting matters to help companies create sustainable value for stakeholders. He advises Swiss and international companies and is the global client service partner of various clients.

Antonios Koumbarakis is Head of the Strategic Regulatory & Sustainability team within PwC Switzerland. 

In this context, he advises financial institutions, regulatory authorities, central banks and governments in Switzerland, Europe, Asia and Middle East in the area of bank regulation, financial stability, sustainable and circular finance.

Antonios publishes regularly, in particular, he is the author of several sustainable finance reports (e.g. Nature is too big to fail, paradigm shift in financial markets, leading the way to a green and resilient economy, circularity as the new normal).

He is a regular speaker at conferences of leading industry associations and Universities.

Patricia More has been leading the French Indirect tax practice from 2007 to 2014 prior to move to Switzerland to lead the Romandy indirect tax team from 2014 to 2019 when she moved to the International Tax services team to focus on Digital taxes and the role of Taxation in the Green Deal and ESG. She is a member of the Global ESG Impact Center. Due to its indirect tax expertise she has been supporting French businesses during audit on Energy taxes, General tax on polluting activities, Sugar taxes, oil tax, Fruits and vegetables tax, and has helped client on assessing their liabilities to the numerous environmental taxes implemented in France. 

Charalambos Antoniou is the Swiss Tax Function Design Leader and is also in charge of Tax Transparency and Reporting. 

Charalambos joined PwC Switzerland in 2018 from a leading Multinational Insurance Group where he held leading in-house tax function positions for 11 years. He supports Swiss and International Groups in further strengthening their tax governance framework in order to meet the emerging internal and external tax challenges. He is a thought leader on the topic of public tax transparency and sustainability as well as he practically supports Swiss and International Groups in defining a tailored tax transparency strategy and developing a fit-for-purpose tax transparency report.

Our guest speaker

Christian Schilz

Christian Schilz is the Head Corporate Responsibility at Bank Vontobel AG.

Christian Schilz studied economics and social sciences in the USA and at the University of Trier. Before his studies, he completed his military service and then a commercial training in the metal industry. 

He started his professional career in the financial industry at the headquarters of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt. Before Christian Schilz came to Vontobel in 2004, he was a member of the management team for the Ruhr Area West region at Deutsche Bank. 

Today he leads the Corporate Responsibility/Sustainability team at Vontobel. Christian Schilz is a board member of the Swiss Climate Foundation; Member of the Sustainable Finance Commission of the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) and has Swiss and German citizenship.

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