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Thursday, 13.12.2018 | Au Premier, Zurich

We are happy to invite you to our next breakfast event.

Details of the event

"Once upon a time there was a greedy little boy who did not disclose his CFCs (Chest Full of Coins). But when the fiscal wizards of Oz looked into their magic CRS-tal ball and found out, they took the greedy boy into a dark forest and left him there with nothing but bread crumbs."

"The magic medows of Ukropialand are now under the reign of OECD (the Order of Equal Candy Distribution), and the spells of BEPS (Burden of Earthly Purity on Structuring) are about to be laid on all the knights and princesses there. But legend says that those who protect themselves with ancient scrolls of VDP (Vow of Divine Protection) may be pardoned for all of their past sins and should live happily ever after."

"The dwarfs of the cold north Creamlinburg seem to have found a magic porridge pot that cooks new amendments to the tax scripts for them. The magic pot cooks sweet and plentiful drafts about free capital repayments and free sale of real estate by non-residents. Will they prepare just enough to keep all lords and tradesmen full and happy, or will it get out of control and flood everything?"

"Good news comes from the orient Nomadsland, where the old and kind sultan ordered his visiers to relax tight CFC requirements during 24 moons for his loyal lords if they own entities in tax treaty lands. Also, a permanent magic carpet connection is about to be established with the far far land of Cyprundia by the mighty powers of a treaty"

"An ugly troll named Brexit is shattering the bridge to Europe, while the knights of the round table are busy laying tribute on castles and crusading Ivanushkas and Vasilisas who own stoves and gold fishes of unexplained origin in central Lundenwic."


Magic legal disclaimer: all names and abbreviations represent fictitious characters and organisations. No liability shall be borne for any coincidental resemblance to any persons living or dead.

Those are just a few Xmas fairy tales (some of which are surprisingly true) that we invite you to come and hear about at our next Get Ahead in CEE/CIS Breakfast event "Once upon a tax..."

Besides the usual serving of the most recent and relevant updates on Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, our special guest will talk about the latest UK developments regarding the taxation of real estate and recent changes in the "non-dom" regime.

So grab a cosy blanket, take your favourite hot beverage and get ready to submerge into the magical world of tax and legal on December 13th at 8:00 in the Au Premier restaurant.


Thursday, 13 December 2018
8.00 – 10.00 am, including breakfast
Au Premier, Bahnhofplatz 15, 8001 Zurich


CHF 107.70 (incl 7.7% VAT) per participant per event

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