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HR Analytics Webinar Series

Want to get more out of your people? Check out our new series of monthly webinar on HR Analytics.

There’s a quiet revolution taking place in human resources and talent development departments around the world. Searching for meaningful insights into their workforce, companies are recognising the enormous untapped potential in what they already know about their own people – and what they could know. So-called HR or people analytics is changing the way companies think about everything from attracting and developing talent to employee engagement and retention.

If you too are seeking meaningful insights into your people, over the next few months PwC will be offering a series of webinars devoted to HR analytics. We’ll be sharing our insights and thoughts around different topics related to people analytics, and helping you sound out approaches that will take the guesswork out of your most important workforce decisions and reinforce your efforts to improve operational and financial results.

What does PwC have to offer in terms of HR analytics? The simple answer is that we’ve achieved global leadership in the field by going beyond simple data reporting and surveying. We’re a full-service people analytics provider, with a thorough understanding of the specific workforce issues faced by companies in your industry. We offer a broad range of services, from benchmarking and advanced analytics to comprehensive workforce surveying. We can also work with you to build a people analytics capability that allows you to do more with your data, including Big Data for HR.

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What areas will we be looking at?

High performing teams: How to unlock the secrets hidden in your data

26 February 2019, 3pm - 4pm

In this webinar we will touch two topics: First we will show you how you can identify the drivers for people leaving, looking at your data and thereby predicting who is in your existing workforce currently at risk to leave. Secondly we will explain how you can use PwC's Matching Artificial Intelligence Assistant tool to predict who of the candidates in the pipeline has the highest chance to be successfull and therefore should join your workforce.

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How to keep your people happy: flight risk and total reward analytics

PAST - January 2019

Imagine if you could predict which employees are at risk of leaving your organisation and their main reasons for doing so? If you could find out what motivates your people and how they actually value the various benefits in their reward package? In this webinar we’ll be looking at client use cases where we used machine learning techniques to detect patterns in the data on why people were leaving. We’ll also be exploring the insights that conjoint analysis can provide. 


Benchmarking and Saratoga online platform 

PAST - September 2018

PwC’s Saratoga Institute developed the first set of HR metrics nearly 40 years ago, and we’ve been setting the standard ever since. We’ve built the world’s most robust database of human resources metrics, with meaningful comparisons with thousands of organisations around the world. In this webinar we’ll be looking at ways PwC’s Saratoga database can add value for your organisation.


Re-skilling in the digital age

PAST - December 2018

Many of the jobs that currently exist no longer need as many people to do them. On the other hand we’re also going to see new jobs being established. Competency modelling helps you identify the skills underlying many job profiles as a basis for transforming your workforce, for example by offering appropriate within your organisation the opportunity to re-educate so they have the right profile for the new role. In this session we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the underlying machine learning techniques used to create the relevant clusters.


Strategic Workforce Planning

PAST - June 2018

We are living through a fundamental transformation in the way we work. Automation and ‘thinking machines’ are replacing human tasks and jobs, and changing the skills that organisations are looking for in their people. These momentous changes raise huge organisational, talent and HR challenges. Even more, the pace of change is accelerating. Competition for the right talent is fierce.


The power of visualisations

PAST - November 2018

How can HR make more impact in the boardroom? In this webinar we’ll reveal the power of data visualisations and storytelling to get your message across. You don’t always need the most complex analytics and complicated explanations to make your point: if every picture tells a story, a picture is worth a 1,000 words.



Who are the webinars designed for?

Our webinars are geared to anyone working in HC/HR who’s interested in how data and analytics could make their life easier and provide them with more actionable insights. The webinars are designed to be of use whether you have experience in the field or are at the beginning of your journey.

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