Inclusion & Diversity Course 2020

Are you a professional interested in building and managing a diverse and effective workforce? Follow our course to develop skills that will help you make your workplace more Inclusive.

About PwC's Inclusion & Diversity Course

PwC is pleased to announce the launch of a new Inclusion & Diversity training for professionals and managers from any industry and company size with interest in building and managing a diverse and effective workforce.

Our course consists of seven modules, offering you and your colleagues the opportunity to learn about how to make your workplace more Inclusive to all. Through our interactive and pragmatic workshops animated by PwC experts, you will discover practical tools and techniques, backed by academic research, and proven in the workplace to drive change.

Date & location

All modules of this course will take place in our PwC Geneva and Zürich offices. Detailed information will be available soon. 


This course will be held in English.


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The business case for Inclusion & Diversity and engaging men

The full description of this module will be available soon. 

Busting unconscious bias

Goal Understanding what unconscious bias is, how and where it influences our decision-making,
and how to overcome through bias interrupters.
Audience Line Managers, recruitment professionals, HR and I&D professionals
Delivery approach
  • Pre-work (Implicit Association Test and article reading)
  • What is unconscious bias
  • The roots of our personal bias
  • How bias affects our decision making
  • Tools and techniques to mitigate bias
What will be different post training?
  • Keen awareness on how to identify and mitigate unconscious bias (with a focus on recruitment and talent management discussions)
  • Challenging conversations are conducted in a non-personal way, enabling dialogue leading to better decision making processes

Information available soon.

Inclusive recruitment and performance management

Goal Upskill HR professionals and recruiting line managers on how to mitigate unconscious bias in the recruitment and performance management process, thus ensuring that the best candidate based on competency and ability is appointed and can progress within the organisation.
Audience Line Managers, recruitment professionals, HR & I&D professionals
Delivery approach
  • Why should organisations be recruiting diverse talent
  • The recruitment process cycle
  • Unconscious bias in the recruitment process
  • How to mitigate unconscious bias through the recruitment and performance management process
  • Inclusion nudges to attract and retain diverse talent
What will be different post training?
  • Understanding the business case for inclusive recruitment and performance evaluation
  • Building self-awareness regarding biases in these processes
  • Acquiring knowledge and tools on how to mitigate unconscious bias in recruitment and performance management

Information available soon.

The gender pay gap

Goal Providing the understanding, concepts and tools that will allow you to develop a strategic and practical plan to analyse and reduce the gender pay gap in your organisation.
Audience I&D professionals, HR practitioners and compensation specialists
Delivery approach
  • The different approaches to gender pay gap determination
  • The root causes of gender pay differences
  • How the gender pay gap creeps into the employee life cycle
  • Practical approaches on how organisations can repair gender pay differences
  • Regulatory developments in Switzerland and abroad
What will be different post training?
  • Fact based understanding of the gender pay gap topic within todays context
  • Practical insights and ideas on how to assess and bridge the gender pay gap within organisations
  • Critical thinking around the leverage and benefits organisations can gain from addressing the gender pay gap topic pro-actively

Information available soon.

HR analytics

Goal Understand the value of HR data-driven approach to Inclusion & Diversity, and develop basic analytical skills to support organisational efforts towards Inclusion & Diversity.
Audience HR practitioners with no or little HR analytics experience wanting to take a more data-driven approach to Inclusion and Diversity
Delivery approach
  • Why is data analyses relevant to I&D?
  • Gathering data along the employee life-cycle
  • Demographic diversity as a lens for data analysis
  • Various examples of analyses (some of which can be run in MS Excel)
  • Reading/interpreting the results and reporting on the situation
What will be different post training?
  • Develop a new way to look at HR data
  • Understand the interest of quantitative analyses
  • Support data-driven I&D strategic decisions

Information available soon.

Inclusive language

The full description of this module will be available soon. 

Inclusive leadership

The full description of this module will be available soon. 

Wellness and wellbeing

The full description of this module will be available soon. 


Sue Johnson

Sue Johnson has worked for almost a decade on Inclusion & Diversity, both as a practitioner within a global organisation leading the cultural change, and helping organisations in Switzerland and beyond, to foster an Inclusive culture. Sue is a frequent speaker (Catalyst, United Nations Women Empowerment Principles, Women’s Forum etc.) and is a recognised passionate thought leader on Inclusion and Diversity topics.

Johannes (Joop) Smits

Joop Smits is a Director in PwC’s People and Organisation consulting practice, supporting smaller and larger clients across industries. He advises clients in improving operations and implementing change initiatives in the areas of HR, Reward and Inclusion & Diversity. Joop is notably leading PwC’s EQUAL SALARY Certification practice with focus on supporting companies in narrowing the gender pay gap and leveraging on Inclusion and Diversity strategies.

Christina Yap

Christina is an award-winning seasoned HR professional, lawyer and project manager with a Masters in HR. She has lived in Asia and worked in France, Switzerland, UK and the US. She brings her rich insights to clients. She has successfully helped clients steer through multi-cultural engagements, spanning over 80 countries. Christina is a frequent speaker, trainer and author. She is also a lead practitioner in EQUAL-SALARY certification mandates.

Dr. Jacques Berent

Dr. Jacques Berent holds a PhD in Social Psychology, and he has a thorough knowledge of human intergroup and organisational behaviour. During the past 10 years, he has conducted scientific research on gender relations and gender-based discrimination. He has also spent this time teaching on this topic to Bachelor-and Master-Degree students during various courses, seminars, and workshops. His expertise also lead him to communicate on this topic in various scientific conferences throughout the world.

Sara Monteiro

Sara Monteiro has more than 10 years of experience in designing and implementing effective training and change engagement programs for various organisations and industries, as well as the delivery of Inclusion & Diversity workshops and intercultural trainings and coachings, not only for organisations based in Europe, but also in the Americas and Asia. In addition, Sara has conducted reviews of different HR processes such as talent acquisition, talent management, talent and leadership development and can share insights into how to mitigate unconscious bias and ensure that the best candidate based on competency and ability is appointed and can progress within the organisation.

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