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About the boostcamp

What does a digital transformation require to create lasting value for employees, customers and shareholders? For most companies, it is a fundamental change in how they operate to stay competitive in an ever-changing technological and regulatory landscape that is marked by constantly altering customer expectations.

Together with Microsoft, we are determined to turn the challenge companies are facing into sustained outcomes for your business and help you accelerate your transformation. During this boostcamp, we will have a closer look at the various moving parts of an end-to-end transformation that are intricately connected. We’ll do so by following a business-first approach that will be key to unlocking the full potential that the Microsoft ecosystem offers you.

In his keynote speech, Peter Kasahara, Group Chief Data Officer at Zurich, will examine how a responsible and sustainable data strategy embraces transparency and inspires trust – by putting customer data privacy and security first.

Every company is in a different stage in their transformation journey – accordingly, you’ll have the opportunity to customise the agenda of the event to your businesses’ needs and pain points. For each of the three breakout sessions, you can pick from a series of in-depth wokshops ranging from Customer Transformation, Finance Transformation to CIO Advisory topics.

Target group:

This event is dedicated to the Financial Services and Insurance industry.


This event is free of charge.


08:30 Arrival and welcome breakfast
09:00 - 09:10


Gustav Baldinger, Partner and Advisory Services Leader, and
Oliver Ripplinger, Partner, Customer Transformation, PwC Switzerland

09:10 - 09:40

Keynote: Digital & data transformation with a purpose

Peter Kasahara, Group Chief Data Officer, Zurich Insurance

09:45 - 10:45

Breakout sessions:

- Finance and operations: break down silos for faster and more informed decisions

- Customer data platforms: leap forward in shaping the CX journey 

- Data: leverage the power of cloud-based data platforms

10:45 - 11:00 Coffee break
11:00 - 12:00

Breakout sessions:

- Customer value: evolution or revolution?

- Sales: the powerful interconnection between sales and marketing

- Cloud: unpack the future of cloud services

12:00 - 13:00

Lunch and impulse speech

Christian Thier, Lead of Financial Services Industry business unit, Microsoft Switzerland

13:00 - 14:00

Breakout sessions:

- Compliance, regulation and risk: look beyond the regulatory compliance

- Service: generate value for both customers and business

- IT security: create a safe environment for your digital customer experience

14:00 - 14:15 Closing

Break-out sessions

You will have the opportunity to customise the agenda of the event to your businesses’ needs and pain points. For each of the three breakout sessions, you can pick from a series of in-depth sessions.

Transforming the customer experience

09:45 - Customer Data Platform:
Leap forward in shaping the CX journey

Profiling customers across channels is pivotal in equipping both marketing and sales teams with insights to set your business apart from the competition.

In this session, we’ll talk about customer data platforms (CDP) and the crucial technological infrastructure they provide to deliver more personalised customer experiences.

We’ll explore how a 360-degree view of your customers can help drive engagement, generate qualified leads for sales and calculate the return on investment of your marketing activities. 


  • Mattias Eklund, Senior Manager, Marketing Consulting Lead, PwC Switzerland
  • Peter Sandor, Senior Manager, Technology Consulting, PwC Switzerland

11:00 - Sales:
The powerful interconnection between sales and marketing

Making sales more effective and efficient is key in creating value for both customers and your business. Our experts will share how you can differentiate your sales from competitors by bringing marketing and sales activities together through an integrated sales funnel. Lead scoring can be a useful tool to make more out of your leads.

We’ll look at decisive elements that help increase efficiencies, drive growth, and take your sales to the next level – ranging from technology advancements to internal coordination.


  • Oliver Ripplinger, Partner, Customer Tranformation, PwC Switzerland

13:00 - Service:
Generate value for both customers and business

Service centers play a fundamental role in the end-to-end customer transformation: together with marketing and sales, they are an integral part in creating an outstanding customer experience.

Explore with our experts how a service center can generate value and become an extended hand of sales.

With the help of a case study, we’ll take a closer look at the financial services industry where efficiency and customer support are key to success.


  • Gregory Huber, Manager, Customer Transformation, PwC Switzerland

The finance perspective

09:45 - Finance and operations:
Break down silos for faster more informed decisions

How can efficient digitalised finance and operations processes help you meet customer demands? In this session, we’ll dive deeper into the topics of Internet of Things (IoT), supply chains, and financial transformation.

With the help of some practical use cases, you’ll see how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations uses IoT to integrate and synchronise processes, what actionable insights you can gain, and how to reduce risks, save costs and increase efficiency with the platform.

You’ll also learn more about how to address common challenges when implementing the Microsoft solution.


  • Esther Sapi, Director, Advisory, PwC Switzerland

11:00 - Customer value: evolution or revolution?

Fintech companies are disrupting the FS industry with tailor-made offerings that attract young generations and deliver differentiated value alongside the traditional Banking & Insurance Business. It's time to reshape your value creation and rethink your monetization strategy.

In this breakout session, we will explore how to rethink your business model to offer personal, tailor-made, Relevant, and timely offerings that generate new revenue streams and deliver differentiated value alongside the traditional Banking & Insurance business.

We will focus on the keys to unlocking this opportunity: curating and harnessing data and insights, smart and dynamic pricing, ecosystems, and the customer journey.


  • Fabian Hürlimann, Senior Manager, Customer Transformation, PwC Switzerland
  • Flavio Panzer, Manager, Customer Transformation, PwC Switzerland
  • Axel Heyenga, Global Director, Partner & Industry Strategy, Zuora

13:00 - Compliance, regulation and risk:
Look beyond regulatory compliance

Regulation and compliance play an essential part in guaranteeing the success of your customer transformation. Our experts will show you why and how they need to be taken into account and embedded in every step of the way. You’ll learn more about the assessment of regulatory requirements and possible chances and also get a better understanding from a risk and control perspective.

We’ll discuss how to integrate compliance and regulatory considerations during the execution phase and what stumbling blocks companies frequently encounter.

Finally, our specialists will share with you more information about regulatory monitoring and its requirements.


  • Michèle Hess, Partner, Compliance & Regulation, PwC Switzerland
  • Alexandra Burns, Partner, Leader Financial Services & Risk Consulting & Internal Audit, PwC Switzerland

The CIO perspective

09:45 - Data:
Leverage the power of cloud-based data platforms

What does a modern data platform in the cloud look like? In this session, you’ll get to know what the key components are, how is it different from off-site platforms, and why it would be advantageous for your business. Also, you’ll gain a better understanding of Azure Data fabrics, Azure Synapse and Azure Databricks and how they allow for fast implementation, scalability, and advanced analytics. Our experts will share with you more information about data protection and on how to address data security-related concerns, for example within the financial services industry.


  • Patrik Rüegge, Director, Enterprise Agility & Digital Banking, PwC Switzerland
  • Christian Bucher, Global AI / Data Lead at Microsoft for Zurich Insurance Group

11:00 - Cloud:
Unpacking the future of cloud services 

What is the current state of the cloud services market in Switzerland?

Cloud technology is changing at a rapid pace – you’ll learn from our experts what to expect from the cloud market in 2023 and what this means from a strategic perspective.

In addition, we’ll provide you with more in-depth information about how to migrate to the cloud, what the potential set-ups are, and how this will help enhance innovation and reimagine customer experiences.



  • Prafull Sharma, Partner, CIO Advisory, PwC Switzerland

13:00 - IT Security:
Create a safe environment for your digital customer experience

Frequently, companies’ cybersecurity tools have a cobbled-together mix of applications and solutions. This can result in unnecessary expenditures and can expose your business to needless risks. In this session, you’ll gain a better understanding of identity and access management and of how a multi-cloud security approach can keep your data protected in the cloud. We’ll also explore how a zero trust security model functions and what the advantages for your business are when continuously validating every stage of a digital interaction. After all, cybersecurity is a journey rather than a destination.


  • Urs Küderli, Partner, Leader Cybersecurity and Privacy, PwC Switzerland



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