Tax Disruption Academy 2020

Tax professionals urgently need new skills to survive and succeed in the world of the digital taxman. They can acquire them at PwC’s new academy.


April 2020


PwC's Experience Center, Rieterstrasse 6, 8002 Zurich


Want to brush up on your digital skills?

The taxman already has digital superpowers. If you thought governments were slow to adopt the latest technology, check out the statistics on recent public investment in advanced digital capabilities. With the authorities set to have real-time access to your company’s transactional data, tax professionals need superpowers of their own. And they need them fast.

To avoid nasty surprises and avoid a situation where the taxman knows more about your business than you do, you need to get a handle on your data. You need to learn how to gather, check, process, analyse and secure it – and present it persuasively to your stakeholders. 

About the academy

PwC has responded to this urgent need for new digital skills by creating the Tax Disruption Foundation Academy. 

In five compact, hands-on sessions, Tax professionals working in Swiss businesses will get a thorough grounding in how to work with data. They’ll understand the tools and how to apply them in their job to extract, understand, analyse and visualise data. They’ll know how to assure data security in a challenging and fast-moving environment. And crucially, they’ll be able to build a solid business case for investment in data technology for the tax function, and plan accordingly.

Sound like what you need to transform your prospects? Check out the sessions and sign up for the 2020  intake. You’ll find full details in the flyer.


“Unlike other forms of disruption, we know exactly where tax disruption is headed: tax authorities will want and get real-time access to corporate data. To create a successful future for themselves, tax professionals need a whole new set of digital and data skills. And they need it now.”


PwC's Experience Center
Rieterstrasse 6
8002 Zurich

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Session structure

  • 3-4 hours
  • Kicking off at 1 pm
  • Followed by an apéro hosted by PwC


Individual Session
CHF 600.- including certificate

Full academy
CHF 2'700.- including certificate in tax disruption


Session one:
Working with Data
  • Common data issues and the tools available for extracting and preparing data 
  • How to quickly repair quality issues and get the most out of your data 
  • Introducing you to software tools such as PowerQuery and Alteryx
Session two:
Collecting insights from your data
  • How machine learning and artificial intelligence can help you collect insights from data
  • The principles behind common ML and AI tools, what they can do, and their limitations
  • Introducing you to software tools such as RStudio or Python and
Session three:
Extracting and understanding external data
  • An overview of what data sources are available and how to use them for tax purposes
  • An understanding of how external data can be extracted and analysed
  • Introducing you to software tools such as Alteryx and others
Session four:
"See" your data
  • How to visualise data for meaningful conversations on the basis of your own analysis
  • The benefits of various data visualisation programs, and how to use them to build dashboards and do simple analysis for presentations to stakeholders
  • Introducing you to software tools such as Power Pivot, PowerBI and Qlik
Session five:
The new world of tax
  • The future of supervision, and how to meet increasingly tight requirements by transferring data securely (especially in the context of tax)
  • An introduction to our tax technology strategy framework to help you plot a course towards a data-driven tax organisation 



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