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What’s putting your organisation most at risk?

As the world of work changes beyond recognition, one of the biggest risks for organisations is a failure to make sure their workforce is up to tackling the challenges of incredible uncertainty. Many of these challenges revolve around technology, but by no means all of them. Organisations that deliver a great performance will be those that have a clear plan for helping their people thrive in an uncertain world, encouraging and empowering them to take on new roles, and creating a compelling people experience. The latest research conducted by PwC in collaboration with London Business School shows that most organisations have work to do. What about you?

PwC’s 30 minute webinar on 11 December is a great opportunity to see where you stand, find out ways of preparing your workforce to meet these fundamental challenges, and assure your business a competitive future. You’ll get to explore the issues in greater depth and detail and hear PwC’s People and Organisation specialists talking about how organisations can bridge the capability gap and go beyond simply upskilling for technological change. You can sign up for the webinar below.

If you’re looking for crucial insights, the survey report is also compulsory reading. We collaborated with Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice at London Business School, to survey over 1,200 organisations in 79 countries and identify the most important organisational capabilities that businesses need to consider when preparing for tomorrow’s work, workers and workplace. To see our findings, you can download the report here or check out the website for more background.



Topics & key findings

People experience dividend is at risk
Although organisations know how important it is to create the right everyday experience at work, they also say they’re failing to deliver. 

Untapped potential in data and analytics 
Companies are struggling to use data and advanced analytics to make better decisions about the workforce. 

Time to get HR and business leaders on the same page
HR leaders are more comfortable with their efforts to prepare the workforce of the future compared with non-HR leaders. 

Tech-savvy’ HR needs to step forward
HR’s ability to navigate the technology landscape is a top ‘at risk’ capability for organisations

Missing out on good ideas and flexible talent
58% of respondents say they have no capability to use open innovation and crowdsourced ideas from outside the business, and less than 10% agree strongly that they can do this. 

Doing right by their people
There’s good news: the capabilities that respondents rate as the most important - building trust, human skills and well-being - are the ones where they are taking action. But there's more to do including creating a clear narrative about the future of their workforce and automation.


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Charles is a Partner in the People and Organisation Advisory team in Switzerland.


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