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The hospital of the future – developing healthcare

Healthcare in Switzerland is changing rapidly

While the life expectancy of the population has increased, so too have chronic diseases – especially in old age. However, these developments affect not only patients but also society and healthcare services. Because hospitals and other institutions are facing new, multi-faceted challenges, a comprehensive range of consultancy services is required when it comes to healthcare. With a proven methodology and many years of experience, we are ready to provide you with support wherever you need it – whether you are running a central or general hospital, a psychiatric clinic or any other institution in the healthcare sector. Join the large number of institutions in the Swiss healthcare system today and take advantage of our expertise.

Research and insights 

Mobile health technologies – mobile health, or mHealth for short – offer many new healthcare options: integrated care networks, better treatment for chronic diseases, lower costs.


HRI’s Global top health industry issues: Defining the healthcare of the future

Health systems have a lot to learn from each other, other industries and from communities around the world to build resiliency in times of change. Systems will survive and thrive if they are able to connect, collaborate and create new solutions.

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Director, Digital Health Leader, PwC Switzerland

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