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Our strategy for hospitals

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Our strategy for hospitals

If you want to play an important role in the health market, you must have your hospital optimally positioned. This means: Focused on a targeted range of services and occupying attractive niches.

With the right business model, you can also plan more transparently and predict the likely impact of changes with greater accuracy.

For these reasons, there is now an even greater need for meaningful financial projections for the health sector. This applies not only to business plans but also to company valuations. With the right structure and an efficient organisation, you can improve your hospital performance.

With our support you can manage your institution by providing the right products and services, and moving at an ideal speed in the right direction. Together, we can ensure you are well-placed to optimally serve your market and are thus properly prepared for the future.

Our expertise

Strategy development, review, and evaluation

We can show you how your decisions will affect your hospital. Using proven methods and years of experience we can accompany you and provide active support right through the entire strategy process.

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Proper communication is a key factor for the success of any restructuring or reorganisation project - especially for the acceptance of these measures among your workforce. Using our "Transform" model, we have already reorganised numerous Swiss hospitals – with those involved more than satisfied with the outcomes.

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Business plans

Health sector funders increasingly rely on accurate financial forecasts.Thus business plans and company valuations will play a major role. We'll show you how to plan transparently and produce different models illustrating alternative outcomes.

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