Health insurers

As a health insurer, you have to be able to reconcile your business interests with your public mandate. You have to deal with new rules and regulations demanding greater transparency on costs and the quality of healthcare. And you’re operating in an industry facing radical changes in the wake of developments such as the new hospital funding arrangements, diagnosis-related groups, managed care, Swiss GAAP FER 41 and the megatrend towards personalised medicine. We help you walk the tightrope, equip yourself for the future, and make the most of your room for manoeuvre.

Count on us:

Regulatory supervision and compliance

  • if you’re adapting your financial reporting to Swiss GAAP FER 41, and are preparing for the new solvency test
  • if you want to modify your reporting to meet the future health insurance supervision act
  • if you want to monitor your costs and the factors that drive them more closely


  • if you want to adapt your calculation models to meet the refined risk equalisation scheme
  • if you’re looking for new fields of business and want to model them


  • if you have your sights on a merger to increase your size and market clout
  • if you want to make sure your legal structure anticipates developments way into the future, or intend to cooperate with other health insurers
  • if you want to establish new structures and processes with your staff and bring about lasting changes in your working culture

General challenges

  • if you want to centralise and standardise your processes, for example in response to the standardised settlement of inpatient benefits
  • if you’re planning to reorganise your operations so that the quality of internal services matches requirements
  • if you plan to automate routine tasks and expand your electronic data sharing capabilities
  • if you’re looking for innovative distribution channels with appropriate incentive systems
  • if you’re looking to improve the way you manage projects and human capital.

Your benefits:

We can provide comprehensive auditing services, take care of your actuarial work, help you improve your tax efficiency, guide you through mergers, and advise you on any matters related to your strategic and operational approach. You can draw on the expertise and experience of 150 auditors, 16 actuaries and 30 advisors with proven know-how in tax and other key healthcare issues.