How do your customers feel about you? What is it like to do business with you?

Positive customer experiences are the be-all and end-all of business survival. Get to know your customers’ user experience and fine-tune the way you interact, if you want to ensure the success of your products and services.

Spot the flaws and inconsistencies

The Internet and digitalisation have generated a wealth of new products and services and revolutionised the way products are created and business is done. Customers are now at the heart of all activities; they want first-class products and services and complete transparency. Your customers expect seamless services and a positive experience at all the touch points with a brand. They purchase from a company, but interestingly enough, their benchmark is the best customer experience they have ever made, rather than the company itself. A representative survey by PwC reveals that 65% of the respondents rate a positive customer experience with a brand as more influential than any ingenious advertising campaign. Good to know, as dissatisfied customers can be quick to express their discontent with your services or products on social media. 

Perceptions of what is considered a positive or negative customer experience are not symmetrical, a fact that has far-reaching consequences. A total of twelve positive interactions  are required to amend a single negative customer experience when dealing with a company. We can therefore safely say that it is the customer experience and the way a company interacts with its customers – the so-called user experience (UX) – that decides whether your activities are successful or not. What can you therefore do to identify any inconsistencies and flaws in your user experience? How can you understand the context and behavioural patterns of your target group? An independent analysis serves to expose discrepancies and challenges and reveals what it is like for your customers to do business with you.  

User experience (UX) thereby denotes much more than a simple process in an application or the structure of a website, and it is not limited to a linear process of a hypothetical customer journey. User experience comprises each and every interaction of potential and existing future customers with your product or service. UX is the total of all interactions and encounters with your brand, from the product search and product evaluation to the purchase and payment through to customer services and returns. 

Steer user experience in the right direction

An analysis and continuous assessment of your company or product’s UX will enable you to pilot how your customers perceive your products; and eventually allow you to further optimise your range of products.

A user experience review (UX review) is the starting point for your action plan towards improving your customers’ user experience. A UX review reveals how your customers interact with you and how they perceive doing business with you. It scrutinises user experience with the help of an Expert Review that target inconsistencies, flaws and the greatest potential for improvement. This way customer needs can be defined and corrective measures may be adopted. A UX review also determines how potential customers can find you when searching online, how they can be converted into actual customers and how customer satisfaction can be secured in the long run.  

The main value of a UX review lies in evaluating the quality of the customer experience and identifying the greatest potential for improvement in order to realise the existing growth potential through targeted recommendations.

Creating a positive customer experience always pays off.


of the respondents rate a positive customer experience with a brand as more influential than any ingenious advertising campaign.


are prepared to pay more for better convenience.


would share their data less reluctantly, if they appreciated a particular service.

PwC has conducted a representative survey with 15'000 respondents from 12 countries: Future of CX

Get your UX review in just a week’s time

Why guess what your customers think about you, if you can actually know?

Our UX review will scrutinise your customers’ user experience. In collaboration with you, we will set the focus of our scrutiny, conduct the review and furnish you with practical advice as to what can be done to amend the status quo, improve customer experience and generate value. Based on that we will support you in your efforts to continue to review and amend your customers’ UX. Our UX review will provide you with a reference point and the competence to control and navigate your target group’s customer journey.


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