Chatbot Revolution in Switzerland

The purpose of this survey is to investigate the potential of chatbots in Switzerland. In cooperation with the University of St.Gallen/CEMS and PwC, three key industries were included in the survey, namely banking, insurance, and retail and consumer.

A new era of customer engagement

Chatbots – digital programs that conduct conversations via auditory or textual methods – are disrupting forms of customer engagement as they effectively meet customers’ needs for enhanced user experience through artificial intelligence. With customers demanding support in everyday decision-making with a preference for using mobile solutions, chatbots are generally integrated into messaging platforms. Facebook Messenger and WeChat, especially, are considered as their key application space as this is where customers want to interact with their friends but also with businesses. Thus, chatbots represent an integrated and modern platform for customer engagement. Swiss companies can leverage on this digital opportunity if they recognise it.

Four key managerial implications:

1. User centricity

As chatbots fulfill certain industry-specific customer needs, use scenarios cannot be duplicated from one industry to another.

2. Data and process integration

To fully leverage chatbot potential, data and process integration that allows for an integrated ecosystem is essential.

3. First-mover advantage

As tech-companies are gradually finding ways to lure customers, established companies can stay competitive by acting as first-movers.

4. Roadmap

Establishing a long-term strategy is necessary for a chatbot to perform most successfully.



Chatbot Revolution in Switzerland: A New Erea of Customer Engagement

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