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Peter Kasahara Partner and Leader PwC Digital and Customer Centric Transformation, PwC Switzerland 22 Mar 2019

Companies need to redefine their business activities and their purpose, if they want to prevail in the digital eco-system. For a company to succeed, its culture must promote innovation and the digital transformation and foster agile and customer-related processes and products at the same time.
Live and breathe your «digital company culture»

Digitalisation has reached each and every sector and business segment – and as a consequence, companies are forced to reinvent themselves to meet the rapidly changing requirements of their stakeholders. Disruptive technologies are breaking up traditional value chains, innovative processes are turning conventional business models upside down. In this digitalised world, customers are the be-all and end-all, and they want services that are meticulously tailored to their needs and their needs only. Such demands come with a considerable impact on the way companies do business and how they have to act to secure themselves a bright future.

Some time ago it may have been perfectly enough to be the cost or quality leader in a particular segment. However, today, further and quite different factors will make or break your business. Genuine added value, a distinct differentiation between you and your rivals, customer benefit and customer journey have stepped into the limelight. Companies are now forced to rethink and redefine their business strategy and give some serious thought to what added value they can in fact offer to their customers. The benefit they generate as well as the range of services and products will have to be overhauled and optimised. When it comes to strategies and business processes, agility is key to survival in this highly competitive and disruptive environment.

A successful digital transformation can only be completed in a company culture where digitalisation efforts are embraced and promoted by the management, where the readiness to transform is embedded in the company DNA, and where a common understanding of the goals and benefits of digitalisation has been established. The management ensures that employees are involved and monitors them on the way to digitalisation.

Agile and interactive

The digital world has dropped companies in a cyclone of different forces and factors that all have to be dealt with simultaneously; the most important being Content, Commerce and Community. The focus is always on the customer experience, and a sustainable customer experience is based on the perpetual exchange between a business and its customers.

Digitally-anchored businesses are agile. In their efforts to optimise customer benefit, they rapidly create new ideas and products and test prototypes with the help of real customers. In the name of speed, they are brave enough to leave gaps, learn rapidly from mistakes and continue to optimise their range of services. This way, they can offer their customers the best possible products and services, whilst keeping development costs and risks low. Digital champions interact with Communities and are capable of reacting to feedback swiftly. They use smart data and data analytics to get to the bottom of what their customers want. Important business decisions are not based on prestige reasons but on facts and a direct customer exchange.

Innovative strategies and business ideas for the digital eco-system can only be manifested, if the abilities of all the stakeholders involved are added into the equation. An Immersion Session at PwC’s Experience Center may be the perfect first step towards your digital future. An Immersion Session is an innovation workshop that helps you to develop ideas and new solutions to empower you to use digital technologies and create new values. In communication with our experts you will swiftly achieve tangible results and strategies to tackle the digital transformation.


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