Achieving safety and security in an age of disruption and distrust

Urs Küderli Partner Cybersecurity and Privacy, PwC Switzerland 31 Oct 2019

Why collaboration between the public and private sectors is a prerequisite for a safe, secure and prosperous society

Safety and security lie at the heart of the prosperity of any nation. Citizens want to feel safe (protected from risk or injury) and secure (free from danger or threat). But today security is challenged in all aspects of our daily lives and trust in the institutions that should keep us safe is low. As a result, even in stable countries, many citizens say they feel or perceive themselves to be unsafe.

In this new reality, national, regional and local governments need to view citizen safety (and security) in a holistic light and work across borders to achieve it. Our new report proposes an approach to security that is purposefully broad and inclusive, with collaboration deeply embedded across four interrelated domains: physical, digital, economic and social.

We use case studies to show how collaboration across these domains and among institutions and organisations in both the public and private sectors can help increase citizen security.

We challenge leaders to assess what they are doing now and propose actions they can take to strengthen their ability to deliver a more secure future for their citizens.

A systemic approach to security, with trust and collaboration at its heart

The interconnectivity of the domains adds to the complexity of delivering security and the need to think holistically across all domains. Across the world PwC has encountered areas where successful collaborations between governments and their private and not-for-profit partners have been forged. It is not only possible but imperative for institutions to collaborate, as this will help build and maintain citizens’ trust.

We have developed a systemic approach to security across four intersecting domains that illustrates potential areas of collaboration.


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