Swiss Entertainment and Media Outlook 2019-2023

The Swiss Entertainment and Media Outlook 2019-2023 provides an overview of last year's developments and the latest trends across ten industry segments. Shown in each segment are the current revenues and the respective compound annual growth rates (CAGR) for the next five years.

We have also added a new interview section on the subject "Trends and Innovations in the Swiss Advertising Market", which provides insights on digital trends in the Online, TV, Print and Out-of-Home advertising markets in Switzerland. Representatives of the major Swiss media houses offer their thoughts and observations on recent innovations and projects such as the planned "Digital Statistics" for the online advertising market as well as "Addressable TV advertising".


Gain the access to insights across 10 industry segments

Philipp Mankowski, Tamedia

Philipp Mankowski über neue Anforderungen an Printwerbung, Trends und die Zukunft der gedruckten Medien.

Alexander Theobald, Ringier

Alexander Theobald über ein innovatives Buchungstool für den Print-Werbemarkt und das erste digitale Live-TV für die Schweiz.

Markus Ehrle, APGISGA

Markus Ehrle über die aktuellen digitalen Trends, die Verbindungen von Werbeformen und die Zukunftsaussichten für das gedruckte Plakat.

Alexander Horrolt, Goldbach

Alexander Horrolt über die geplante "Digitalstatistik" und über digitale Werbetrends.

René Plug, Admeira

René Plug über die Entwicklungen im TV-Werbemarkt Schweiz, interaktive Werbeformen und "Total Video".


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Swiss Entertainment and Media Outlook

PwC Switzerland shows in each segment the current revenues and the respective compound annual growth rates (CAGR) for the next five years. Collaboration between PwC Swiss Entertainment and Media Outlook and the PwC Global Entertainment and Media Outlook team intensified in 2018/2019. Detailed information about developments and revenue streams can be found in the Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2019-2023.

Global Entertainment and Media Outlook

Historical information - All the forecasts have been built by starting with the collection of historical data from a variety of sources. A base line of accurate and comprehensive historic data is collected in the first instance from publicly available information including from trade associations and government agencies. When this data is used directly, these sources are cited accordingly. In addition to this, interviews with relevant associations, regulators and leading players have been conducted to gather insights and estimates not available in the public domain. When this information is collected, it is used as part of the calculations and the sources are proprietary.

Forecasting methods - All forecasts are prepared as part of a collaborative, integrated process involving both quantitative and qualitative analysis. The forecasts are the result of a rigorous process of scoping, market mapping, data collection, statistical modelling and validation.

The initial stage of the process centres around defining the forecast scope with particular emphasis on highlighting the metrics required to build the forecasts. Specific factors were determined within each segment that would allow the forecast to be deconstructed and reviewed from both a bottom-up and a top-down perspective. Market mind-mapping is a significant stage in the process and helped develop the understanding of a specific territory or segment. A PEST (political, economic, social and technological) analysis was carried out for each segment using market expertise to understand the segment dynamics, key drivers and inhibitors, key territories, and most likely market development over the next five years.

The data collection stage involved robust research and analysis ranging from operational, socioeconomic and demographic metrics. The data was sourced from both primary and secondary research with Ovum hosting some of the most comprehensive databases of telecoms and media information through its Intelligence Centre.

All forecasts are built around the historical and current data alongside informed assumptions from market experts about the factors likely to have an impact on future trends. A number of factors have been considered when forecasting, including economic, demographic, behavioural, technological, competitive and government legislation plus a host of individual segment drivers that will have an impact on specific markets.

When building the models, a top-down and bottom-up approach has been used to provide a more rigorous methodology and view the market from two different perspectives. A number of models have been designed for each segment using a range of time series (e.g. extrapolation, weighted average, logistic curves) and causal techniques (e.g. multiple regression). The model selection differs by segment based on the forecast scope, market mind-map and availability of data with a variety of techniques used to produce each forecast.

From a bottom-up level, the forecasts have been deconstructed using metrics identified in the scoping stage and markets have been reviewed from a volume and price perspective where applicable. This adds a crucial level of support and validation to the top-down forecasts and, together with market expertise and knowledge, the forecasts have been reconciled to represent the most accurate and likely scenario of future trends.

All forecasts have undergone robust validation throughout the process to ensure accuracy and consistency across all segments and territories. All estimates have been benchmarked against leading market commentators and professional experts and amendments have been applied to modelling parameters where applicable.


Use of outlook data

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