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How we work, the place of work within our lives and even what we mean by work are being transformed. What are organisations doing to prepare? And where do they need to step up?

We collaborated with Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice at London Business School, and identified the most important organisational capabilities that businesses need to consider when preparing for tomorrow’s work, workers and workplace. We surveyed over 1,200 organisations in 79 countries to find out how they are getting ready for the future and the key areas of risk they face.

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“With all the talk about automation, many people are anxious about the future of work. Organisations should take the lead and own the story, by building a strong narrative that covers what the future of work means for the company and its people”

Carol Stubbings, Joint Global Leader, People and Organisation, PwC UK

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In these short videos, our People and Organisation professionals and Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice at London Business School, talk about what the future of work could look like and how organisations and people can prepare for it now.


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