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Ready, steady, post! Accounting check in 2 hours

Murat Orhan Leader Accounting Services Switzerland, PwC Switzerland 24 Aug 2021

Fit for the authorities

Social security and tax audits give lots of SME owners sleepless nights. Not anymore! Our two-hour check-up can give you and us an initial insight into the current state of your accounting and what risks you are exposed to. After this conversation, you’re ready to do everything you need to for your figures to withstand the authorities’ scrutiny.

Reconcile personnel expenses 

When you draw up your annual financial statements, you need to reconcile your personnel expenses. If you have incorrectly documented your social security contributions, you risk having to make costly correction returns. That’s why we raise the following topics in our discussion with you:

  • salary payments subject to OASI contributions that are settled via payroll accounting
  • billing the private use of company cars
  • differentiating between salaries/compensation that are subject to OASI contributions and those that are not
  • expenses policy
  • existing employment contracts
  • payroll accounting as a whole

Verifying VAT returns

Turnover and input tax reconciliation is part of the annual final VAT return. If this uncovers any discrepancies in invoiced VAT amounts, the differences need to be corrected. That’s why we discuss the following topics, among others, with you:

  • input tax and turnover tax
  • the year’s quarterly accounts
  • VAT compliance of invoices 

Process optimisation

Sometimes accounting can take a lot of time. That’s why, as part of our screening discussion, we scrutinise your accounting processes. We show you where and how you can be more accurate or efficient digitally. We discuss tasks such as:

  • digitalising documentation
  • automatically importing/exporting accounting entries 
  • using new e-tools and apps
  • reporting online to OASI, FTA and others

Finding answers

Perhaps you have topics in mind that we haven’t covered, be it related to tax, processes or your industry. Or perhaps you know where you’ve got an issue to solve, but you haven’t yet found the right solution. Either way, in our two-hour check-up, we get to the bottom of things with you.

Avoid surprises – simply and free of charge

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Murat Orhan

Murat Orhan

Leader Accounting Services Switzerland, PwC Switzerland

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