Metaverse Journey

A guide to the new virtual universe by PwC Switzerland

Where will the metaverse take us? Predicting the success of new technologies is notoriously difficult. Not too many decades ago, some were writing off Web 1.0 as a passing fad. Others had difficulty believing an online bookstore could be profitable, therefore rejecting Web 2.0 approaches. It certainly paid off to understand these developments early on.

Now, as the internet evolves into the infamously coined Web 3.0, the metaverse is shaping up to be the next big thing in digital. Understandably, perhaps, this latest advance is sometimes met with caution or even rejection. We believe this is rooted in part in a lack of knowledge. We at PwC Switzerland and F10 Accelerator & Incubator understand this scepticism somewhat, but also recognise the metaverse to be expanding into something with unimagined potential. Hence, we decided to embrace this evolution with a paper giving businesses some insights to get started on their journey into the metaverse.

What will you find in the guide?

The idea underlying this paper is to embrace the rapid development of the metaverse and shed light on current topics surrounding it. Our aim is to provide a basis for interested economic actors who wish to embark on a metaverse journey themselves. 

With the technologies behind the metaverse in their infancy and information dispersed and often difficult to grasp, it can be difficult to get to grips with the ideas and mechanisms involved. Accordingly, in the first part you’ll find information on the fundamentals, as well as some legal considerations. This is your chance to learn more about things such as wallets, metaverse platforms, NFTs and marketplaces. 

In part two there’s an interview with the Head of the F10 Incubator and Accelerator Europe. Part three outlines the bigger picture and looks at how the metaverse fits in with the environment and sustainability by facilitating the circular economy.

The journey has already started.

The metaverse is an evolution. Upskill yourself today, as everybody will need to adapt to it tomorrow.

Günther DobrauzLeader Legal, PwC Switzerland

Venturing into the Metaverse and NFT Realms

Currently, several major companies are investing significantly in their Metaverse and NFT strategies. What is the Metaverse and what are NFTs? Can they be beneficial to the development of your business? What are the challenges when adopting a Metaverse strategy? How do you ensure compliance with the applicable laws in the future?

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