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Marc Secretan Partner Assurance & Diversity Leader, PwC Switzerland Jul 20, 2022

Anthony tells us about his support of the Swiss Open Geneva

How did you get involved in the Swiss Open Geneva?

When I was 12 years old, my younger brother and I got enrolled to be ball-boys for the Swiss Open Geneva - the international tennis tournament for handicapped athletes. We both played tennis at the time and our mother thought it would be a good idea to try being ball-boys for a week during the summer holidays. What none of us expected is that we ended up being completely emotionally attached to the tournament. From that moment, the Swiss Open Geneva became a must for every summer.

At 18, I had to stop being a ball-boy, but I did not want to give up on supporting the Swiss Open Geneva. I went back every summer as a volunteer: waiting tables in the tournament restaurant, driving the bus for the players, helping with the infrastructure management and so on. 

Being part of this inclusive event for all these years has showed me the incredible resilience and ability of people to surpass hardship. While spending this week in contact with the athletes, I could notice how all the new volunteers and myself became much more connected with all the participants. It takes some time, but everyone ends up being at ease and natural with each other and enjoying the special atmosphere. 

And in 2018 you became the president of the Swiss Open.

Yes, indeed. The Committee offered me the position of president of the Swiss Open Geneva, one of the reasons being my educational background and position at PwC. I really enjoyed my engagement as president and the challenges at hand, for example restructuring the financial management of the association. 

During the two years of my presidency, we experienced a successful tournament, the cancellation of one due to Covid, and organising a complete relocation of the tournament to the Tennis-Club Drizia Miremont. After that, I stepped down from the presidency due to time reasons. I’m still active as a treasurer though, helping and supporting wherever and for as long as I can.

What’s so special about this year’s tournament?

We are celebrating our 35th anniversary. It will be our first tournament without Covid restrictions and in a new location. We’re all very excited to welcome the public and show the athletes the recognition they deserve.

How can others become active?

Help is always welcome and there are many ways to show your support. Please reach out to me directly if you’d like to enrol your children as ball-boys/girls in 2023 or if you’d like to volunteer.

Anthony Gremion, photographed by Bastien Gallay

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