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Swiss immigration: impact of the borders reopening for vaccinated travellers

Ara Samuelian Tax Director, Head of Immigration, PwC Switzerland 21 Jul 2021

COVID-19 has impacted corporate and private travellers worldwide. Borders entry requirements are changing on very short notice and understanding how specific rules for immigration, COVID-19 and airline policies work together has become increasingly difficult.

The Swiss Federal Council announced on 23 June 2021, before the start of the Summer holidays, the next steps in relaxing the Swiss COVID-19 rules. The government decided that the requirements to work from home and to wear masks outdoors, for example, could be lifted. Furthermore, restaurants can now allow people to sit together without restriction, and large-scale events with COVID-19 certificates can take place without any capacity restrictions. The Federal Council has also decided to relax rules on entering the country. Finally, health-related measures at the border (e.g. quarantine) now only apply for travellers arriving from countries with variants of the virus.

Borders reopening

Individuals entering from the Schengen area are no longer required to quarantine and the requirement to be tested only applies to people arriving by plane who haven't been vaccinated or haven't recovered from COVID-19. Contact details will still be required when arriving by plane.

In addition, Switzerland is easing the existing entry restrictions for travellers, including tourists and visitors, from third-countries (i.e. non-EU/EFTA countries) who can prove they have been completely vaccinated. The list of countries allowed entry, which is issued by the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM), has been amended accordingly to the law. 

At this stage, Swiss Consulates are still not allowed to issue visitor visas to countries listed as risk countries.


The Federal authorities have published an official website which enables travellers to check prior to their trip if they can enter Swizerland and if any COVID-19 measures such as quarantine apply to them.

Note that not all entry or immigration requirements are provided on this website. Travelcheck is only for information purposes and can't be used as confirmation of right to entry.

Finally, anyone who has a Swiss passport, a valid Swiss residence or work permit can in principle enter Switzerland at any time.

  • Despite the Delta Variant being on the rise, Switzerland decided in June to relax rules on entry into Switzerland. 
  • An official online assessment tool, TravelCheck, is now available for travellers who need to verify which rules apply to them. Although this tool provides useful information, it can't be used as a right to entry. Travellers are advised to contact the airline companies to ensure travel requirements are met as per their own policies to avoid airplane boarding rejections.

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