Survey Digital IQ 2017

10th anniversary edition

PwC worked with Oxford Economics in late 2016 to survey more than 2,200 senior business and IT executives from 53 countries and a wide range of industry segments. In 10 years of measuring Digital IQ – a rough measure of ability to assimilate new technologies – we have seen companies struggle to keep up with the pace of change, even as they have focused on improving digital capabilities. This report focuses on findings from Switzerland compared to the rest of the world.

Digital IQ: The human factor

The human experience is a critical dimension of Digital IQ;to get full value from technology, organizations must create digital cultures that adapt to change, focus adequately on customer and employee experiences, and develop the right mix of skills within their workforce.

Like their peers around the globe, Swiss companies lack many necessary digital skills, including data analytics (46 % say this skill is well-developed among the workforce, vs. 60 % of others) and user experience (26 % vs. 39 %). And they could do more to close these skills gaps: currently, just 46 % regularly update their talent model to address changing digital skills, compared with 72 % of others.

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