Executive Compensation & Corporate Governance Insights

Remuneration systems and trends in corporate governance

Now in its eleventh edition, the PwC report  "Executive Compensation & Corporate Governance Insights" analyses the disclosed compensation arrangements of Switzerland’s 100 largest listed companies. The survey also takes a closer look at current trends in corporate governance.

Our "Executive Compensation & Corporate Governance Insights" provides answers to critical management and strategy issues, as well as offers some fresh ideas on how best to handle current reward challenges.

ExCo Insights 2016

ExCo Insights 2016

This year’s study reveals the following key insights. Firstly, the compensation of chairmen, other board members, CEOs and other executives in SMIM companies has been catching up with SMI companies over the last 9 years and growing faster than compensation at small-cap companies. Secondly, equity-based pay is gaining in importance, especially in large and medium-sized companies. Thirdly, three distinct sources of managerial incentives to create value play a potentially powerful role: a direct pay-performance sensitivity, an executive turnover-performance sensitivity and share ownership, that is, a wealth-performance sensitivity.



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