In the current multi-option society, the Internet creates transparency with regard to products and services, delivery times and prices, opinions and recommendations. Smartphones can be used at any time to compare products, make purchases or even to return items, thanks to versatile return rights. It is increasingly difficult for companies to retain their customers, who are becoming more and more volatile.

Elaborate analysis of customer data is only of limited help here. A company should fully understand the wishes and needs of its customers at every stage of the customer experience – i.e. along the entire customer journey – and be able to fulfil them. It must skilfully combine marketing, distribution, service, pricing and data analysis and tailor all these aspects to suit individual customers.

Next Generation Sales Studie 2016

Damit sich Unternehmen im Wettbewerb behaupten können, müssen sie neue Wege finden, die Stabilität ihres Geschäfts sicherzustellen. In der heutigen digitalen.

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How we can assist you

Customer Strategy & Experience

The customer experience is one of your most important competitive advantages. Any company that inspires its customers every time it contacts them along the customer journey will earn loyalty and increased sales. We can assist you with market analysis and customer segmentation, and help you to place the focus on customer processes and to orchestrate all the different channels.


Marketing & Sales

Huge changes in customer behaviour and in the use of digital technologies are making the tasks of marketing and distribution more complex and more interactive – and the same applies to customer dialogue. Cutting-edge IT is not the only requirement. The right talents are needed too. We can assist you with Digital Marketing, Sales Force Effectiveness, Back-Office Efficiency and Key Account Management, and help you to optimise and implement CRM solutions.


Pricing & Profitability

Thanks to a clever pricing strategy, you can increase profits and achieve sustainable growth. Many companies do not consistently take advantage of this potential, because their pricing is not sufficiently geared towards customer benefit. As one of the world’s leading pricing advisors, we can answer all your strategic and operational questions concerning pricing.


Customer Service & Engagement

Inspiring customer experiences increase customer loyalty and foster long-term relationships. With these aims in mind, customer service can be developed from a cost to a performance driver, and make a significant contribution to commercial success. We can help you to develop a customer service strategy, to integrate new channels or points of contact, or to optimise working processes in contact or service centres.


Customer Analytics & Simulation

Tomorrow’s winners make use of customer data after analysing it in a targeted manner. Customer Analytics comes into play at every stage, be it when designing the customer experience, when engaging in marketing and distribution activities, or when providing customer service. We can show you how modern analysis methods and tools can help you to gain a 360-degree view of your customers, to create a data analytics strategy, to develop new analysis techniques and to carry out internal data analysis.



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